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2017 Budget Information

The Town Manager presents the annual budget for the Town of Frisco. The annual budget is the financial plan for providing the services of public safety, community planning and development, water services, public works, buildings and grounds maintenance, general administration, marketing, special events, recreational programs, and capital improvements to the Town of Frisco.

The budget process starts in August and continues through November. The approved budget addresses goals previously identified by the Council and the community and incorporates the discussions of Council and staff during the budget process. The annual budget also maintains required reserves to ensure the financial stability of Frisco for future citizens, businesses, and visitors.

The budget is the financial master plan for the Town of Frisco. Like all plans, this budget will change and develop as circumstances arise. As more information becomes available, Council will act to modify this plan to better provide for the needs of the Town.

Via the following links you may download pdf files detailing the 2017 Town of Frisco Budget.