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Staff Directory

Town Council Email:
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Town Phone: (970) 668-5276


Office of the Town Manager and Administration Department

Town Manager
Bill Efting, x3033

Town Clerk
Deborah Wohlmuth, x3034

Marketing/Communications Director
Vanessa Agee, x3076

Events Manager
Nora Gilbertson, x3074

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Nicole Moore, x3037

Event Coordinator
Lea Chandonnet, x3021

Information Center Manager
Tasha Mills, 668-5547

Executive Assistant
Brodie Boilard, x3028

CDD Administrative Assistant
Sarah Hoffman x3020


Finance Department

Finance Director
Bonnie Moinet, x3042

Dylan Olchin, x3045

Finance Specialist
Peggy Faessen, x3039

Revenue Specialist
Chad Most, x3038

Human Resource Manager
Loli Respini, x3035


Recreation Department

Director of Recreation
Diane McBride, x3049

Recreation Manager
Linsey Kach, x3057

Frisco Adventure Park General Manager
Jon Zdechlik, x7008

Frisco Adventure Park Operations Manager
Nathan Volbrecht, x7005

Frisco Historic Park and Museum Manager
Simone Belz, 970-668-3428

Marina Manager
Phil Hofer, 970-668-4334

Marina Office Manager
Jennifer Shimp, 970-668-4334

Guest Services Manager
Katie Barton, 970-668-2558

Recreation Coordinator
Sara Skinner, x3053


Community Development Department

 Community Development Director
Jocelyn Mills, x3031

Building Official
Rick Weinman, x3052

Building Inspector
Colette A. Smith, x 3040

Senior Planner
Bill Gibson, x3036

Community Planner
Emily Wood, x3041

Community Development Admin Assistant
Sarah Hoffman x3020

Inspection Request Line


Police Department

Police Phone: (970) 668-3579
(Please call 911 if this is an emergency)
General Police Email:

Chief of Police
Tom Wickman, x3022


Russ Arnold, x3063

Ahmet Susic, x3107

Sean Koppels, x3060

Office Manager/Court Clerk
Janice Pappas, x3025

Community Services Officer
Bill Dyke, x3104

Police and Court Administrative Assistant
Sarah Zurawski, x3024


Public Works Department

Public Works Phone: (970) 668-0836

Tim Mack, x1318

Assistant Director
Rick Higgins, x1315

Buildings Foreman
Keith Bilisoly, x1320

Streets Foreman
Brad Thompson, x1311

Grounds Foreman
Chris Johnsen, x1312

Water Foreman
Dave Koop, x1316

Fleet Foreman
Howard Freeman
, x1321

Office Manager
Teresa Toczek, x1310