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Town of Frisco, Colorado Staff Directory

Town of Frisco, Colorado Council Email:
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Town Phone: (970) 668-5276


Town of Frisco, Colorado Office of the Town Manager and Administration Department

Frisco, Colorado Town Manager
Randy Ready, 970-668-9123

Frisco, Colorado Town Clerk
Deborah Wohlmuth, 970-668-9122

Executive Assistant
Brodie Boilard, 970-668-9126


Frisco, Colorado Marketing and Events Department 

Marketing  & Communications Director
Vanessa Agee, 970-668-9120

Events Manager
Nora Gilbertson, 970-668-9132

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Nikki Moore, 970-668-5276 x3037

Events Coordinator
Lea Chandonnet, 970-668-5276 x3021

Frisco, Colorado/Copper Information Center Manager
Tasha Wilson, 970-668-5547


Frisco, Colorado Finance Department

Frisco, Colorado Finance Director
Bonnie Moinet, 970-668-9138

Dylan Olchin, 970-668-9137

Finance Specialist
Peggy Faessen, 970-668-9136

Revenue Specialist
Chad Most, 970-668-9127

Human Resources Manager
Loli Respini-Pollard, 970-668-9135

Human Resources Coordinator
Mindy Zablocki, 970-668-2563


Frisco, Colorado Recreation Department

Frisco, Colorado Director of Recreation
Diane McBride, 970-668-2559

Programs Manager
Linsey Joyce, 970-668-9133

Recreation Coordinator
Sara Skinner, 970-668-5276 x3053

Frisco Adventure Park General Manager
Katie Barton,  970-668-2561

Recreation Guest Service Coordinator
Jesse Risch,  Adventure Park, 970-668-2558, Marina, 970-668-4334

Frisco Adventure Park Operations Manager
Brian Donner, 970-668-5276 x7005

Frisco Adventure Park Operations Supervisor
Nathan Volbrecht, 970-668-5276 x7012

Frisco Nordic Center Manager
Jim Galanes, 970-668-2570

Frisco Historic Park and Museum Manager
Simone Belz, 970-668-3428

Marina Manager
Tom Hogeman, 970-668-4334

Marina Guest Services Manager
Jenn Shimp, 970-668-4334

Marina Service Manager
Open Position, 970-668-4334


Frisco, Colorado Community Development Department

Frisco, Colorado Community Development Director
Joyce Allgaier, 970-668-9130

Assistant Director
Bill Gibson, 970-668-9121

Katie Kent, 970-668-9131

Building Official
Rick Weinman, 970-668-9139

Building Inspector
Greg Denckla, 970-668-9134

Community Development Admin. Assistant
Sarah Hoffman, 970-668-9128

Frisco, Colorado Inspection Request Line
970-668-5276 x3090


Frisco, Colorado Police Department

Police Phone: (970) 668-3579
(Please call 911 if this is an emergency)

Chief of Police- Frisco, Colorado
Tom Wickman, 970-668-9140

Walter Mahone, 970-668-3579 x3105

Sean Koppels, 970-668-3579 x3060

Open Position

Office Manager/Court Clerk
Janice Pappas, 970-668-9143

Community Services Officer
Kyle Ottinger, 970-668-3579 x3104

Police and Court Administrative Assistant
Emily Crawford, 970-668-3579


Frisco, Colorado Public Works Department

Public Works Phone: (970) 668-0836

Public Works Director
Jeff Goble, 970-668-9151

Assistant Public Works Director
Addison Canino, 970-668-9150

Buildings Foreman
Keith Bilisoly, 970-668-9152

Streets Foreman
Brad Thompson, 970-668-9154

Grounds Foreman
Chris Johnsen, 970-668-0836

Water Foreman
Dave Koop, 970-668-9156

Fleet Foreman
Howard Freeman
, 970-668-9155

Office Manager
Teresa Toczek, 970-668-9153