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The following is an overview of the Town of Frisco’s Government Departments.


The administration department includes the offices of the Town Manager, Administrative and Community Services Director, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Human Resources and Communications/Marketing Director. The Town Manager is the town’s chief operating officer, supervising all department heads and establishing the staff’s primary link to the Town Council. The Town Manager is responsible for producing the town’s annual report. Administration offices can be called at (970) 668-5276.

The Finance Director oversees Human Resources, risk management, Finance, Marina and other areas assigned by the Town Manager.

The Town Clerk oversees a variety of activities, such as Municipal Elections, business licensing, liquor licensing, Cemetery management, and recordkeeping, including ordinances that make up the town code. Town Council meeting agendas and minutes are produced by the Town Clerk.

The Town Treasurer (Finance Department) supervises town finances, including accounts payable and receivable, sales tax collections and the town budget. Questions about your water bill can also be addressed to this department.

The Marketing/Communications Director advises all departments in the development of communications, marketing and public relations programs, promotes town events and is responsible for media relations.

Special Events and Recreation programs are coordinated under the Administrative and Community Services Director. The Summer Recreation program and year-round special events including Nordic Ski and Snowshoe events, BBQ Challenge, street concerts, and 4th of July festivities are produced by the Town.

Community Development

Led by the Community Development Director, this department oversees planning and building duties. Information about the town code, including planning, zoning, building regulations (and inspections) can be obtained from this department. Permits for construction, signs and banners are issued by the Community Development Department. An overview of department activities can be obtained by contacting staff.  Community Development offices can be contacted at (970) 668-5276 x3031.


The Police Department is charged with enforcing federal, state and local laws. Information regarding Frisco Municipal Court can also be obtained from the police. Call (970) 668-3579 for more information.

Public Works

This department handles street repair and maintenance (including snowplowing), as well as maintenance of town buildings, parks and vehicles. The Town’s water system is also maintained by this department (sewer service is provided by the Frisco Sanitation District – (970) 668-3206). The Public Works Department can be reached at (970) 668-0836.