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TOF Building Code & Green Building Information

The construction codes adopted by the Town of Frisco appear in Chapter 65 of the Frisco Town Code.

Summit Sustainable Building Code Checklist

The Summit Sustainable Building Code Checklist can be printed and completed by the designer to demonstrate compliance with the Summit Sustainable Building Code for all single-family, duplex and townhome projects. The qualifying points for each selected option can be entered on the worksheet, the points added up on the worksheet, the worksheet signed by the designer, and the worksheet submitted with the application and plans. The submitted plans must include details and specifications that correspond with all point values used on the worksheet.  Contact High Country Conservation to learn more about Summit County’s Sustainable Building code.

LEED for New Construction and Green Globes certification

Click here for LEED for New Construction Overview and click here for LEED Project Registration forms.

Click here for Green Globes Overview and here for a Green Globes Project example.

Green Deconstruction

Every project involves some deconstruction component.  You can save money and resources by deconstructing in an environmentally sustainable way.

Click here for a Deconstruction Permit application form.

Click here for construction material reuse and green waste hauling information.