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The Administration Department assists with the development of the five-year Capital Improvements Plan; project management for Capital projects (design, inspection and construction); and provides plan reviews for all proposed projects. There are three full time employees in the Public Works Administration Department.

Utility Excavation Permits

Public Works Administration issues all utility excavation permit applications within the Town. Any contractor wishing to install utilities (water lines, sewer lines, cable, telephone, gas and electric) within the Town of Frisco must first obtain a utility excavation permit. Utility excavation permits for excavations deeper than three feet are issued April 15th – October 31st. Utility excavation permits for utility installations that are less than three feet deep, and wholly contained within private property, are issued year-round. All excavations must be performed in accordance with the Town of Frisco’s Excavation Ordinance, Chapter 87.

The permit application is available at the office of the Public Works Office Manager or can be downloaded here. Requirements are specified in Chapter 87. Also, all excavators must have a valid Town of Frisco business license and must provide a current Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Frisco as additionally insured before the issuance of an excavation permit.

The fees for the permits are: $10.00 private property, $50.00 public property, bond required, and $60.00 public/private property, bond required.

Excavators must “call before you dig”. To request a locate, call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at (800) 922-1987.

Water Inspections

The Water Department performs all inspections of water lines and meter assemblies for newly constructed homes and businesses (please refer to the Town of Frisco’s Water Construction Standards). All Water related inspections must be scheduled through the Administration Department. All inspections require a 24 hour notice; please call the Office Manager to schedule an inspection.

Water Tap Fees

All water tap fees are calculated by the Administration Department. One (1) Capital EQR (tap) in 2017 equals $4,430.00. A single-family residence is “tapped” at 1 EQR. The Department requires a full set of plans to calculate the tap fee.

Water Meters

You must purchase your water meter from the Town of Frisco. Please contact the Office Manager for pricing and pick-up.

Sanitation (Sewer) Services

The Town of Frisco’s sanitation (sewer) service is provided by the Frisco Sanitation District which is a special district not operated by the Town. You may contact the Frisco Sanitation District at (970) 668-3723.

Other Utilities

Electrical service / natural gas: Xcel Energy (800) 772-7858
Cable TV: Comcast (888) 824-4010
Telephone: Qwest (800) 244-1111
Trash services: The Town does not provide trash service. You must contact a private contractor.

High Water Preparedness Information

Information can be found at: