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Council Member Bios

credit-todd-powell-mayor-gary-wilkinsonGary Wilkinson – Mayor

Lived in Frisco: 42 years

Career Information: Senior Supervisor at the Climax Mine. Summit County Surveyor

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Past Chairman, Ten Mile Planning Commission and Countywide Planning Commission, served on Citizen Advisory Committee for the update of Frisco Master Plan

Educational Background: BS, Mining Engineering; Colorado School of Mines

Comments: I appreciate the opportunity to serve as Mayor of Frisco and to give back to the community I have enjoyed and appreciated over the last 40 years. I continue to work to maintain the special sense of the Frisco community, while ensuring a vibrant, diverse and prosperous economy. Having been a member of the Summit County Countywide Planning Commission and Ten Mile Planning Commission, I bring to the council an understanding of land use, as well as what issues the town and Summit County will face in the future. I helped with the most recent Frisco Master Plan, Ten Mile Basin Master Plan and Countywide Comprehensive Plan. Each of these plans addresses a number of elements important to our community and its transition towards being built out. I work towards implementing goals outlined in each of those documents, which include key issues such as sustaining the environmental quality we enjoy, addressing affordable housing for our workers, and working with stakeholders on transportation planning. I strive to achieve these goals while maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable community for our residents, visitors and business owners. I enjoy representing our great community and never tire of hearing what a wonderful town we have.

Kim Cancelosi, Frisco Town Council Member, 2015Kim Cancelosi

Lived in Frisco: 15 years

Career: Attorney; Special Education teacher; Faux and Decorative Finisher

Previous participation on town boards: None

Educational background: B.A. degrees in Special Education and Elementary Education University of Northern Colorado; Jurist Doctorate University of Colorado School of Law.

Comments: Since given an opportunity to serve on Town Council, I can contribute significantly to the Town of Frisco.  My husband and I each own a small business, own a home, and are raising our two sons, ages 8 and 10 in Frisco.  I look forward to working with our town and community on the many issues and hard decisions that Frisco addresses with growth and changing needs.

Frisco is a family oriented, health conscious, and environmentally active community which attracts visitors and second home owners alike.  If Frisco wants to maintain our unique community, I believe Frisco needs to strongly support and provide opportunities to increase the number of full-time residents, families, and local businesses, encourage second home owner interest in Town issues, and continue protecting our natural assets and beauty.

It is important that Frisco be a destination town where people come for recreation and entertainment, and to shop and dine.  Supporting a variety of local  businesses is one element and careful expansion of the Town’s recreational facilities is another.  Frisco is very fortunate to have parks, the Marina, and the Peninsula/Nordic Center.  Full utilization of our recreational resources will provide jobs, revenue, and activities for locals and county visitors to engage in without having to leave Frisco and provides opportunities for our children year round.

It will take time and devotion to reach these goals and those set out in the town and countywide plans.  We have to address affordable housing opportunities. Frisco must be vigilant in working with CDOT regarding I-70 and Highway 9 and the many issues which come about with the increased traffic.  We must continue to focus on sustaining and protecting our natural environment.  All of which must be achieved while maintaining a safe, well-balanced, diversified community for all the businesses, residents, and visitors.

I look forward to working with the town and all our community so Frisco continues to grow and prosper as we envision.

credit-todd-powell-jessica-burleyJessica Burley

Lived in Frisco: 5  years

Career Information:  Community Programs Manager, High Country Conservation Center; Adjunct of Sustainability Studies, Colorado Mountain College

Previous Participation in Town Board or Committees:  Peak One Neighborhood HOA

Educational Background:  MA, International Development, University of Denver. BA, International Studies and Anthropology, Emory University

Comments: It didn’t take long to realize that Frisco was the community I wanted to settle down in and be a part of. After moving into the Peak One Neighborhood, I set out to become more involved in the community, and as a Town Council Member, my goal is to help guide the future of our small mountain town so it remains friendly and accommodating to the locals who give it so much character.

As the Town looks toward future development, a focus should be on maintaining the organic nature of the community and its amenities. In addition, I believe we should seek to balance future development with meeting the needs of the local workforce and our natural environment. Frisco is special because of our amazing environment, and we should strive to have a mutually beneficial relationship with it. As our community continues to rank among the top mountain adventure towns in the west, we need to ensure we live up to our reputation. We can set an example by balancing tourism with local’s needs; ensuring a friendly atmosphere for visitors but still maintain our historic character; and integrating future development with the needs of our natural environment. I look forward to the opportunity serve my community by bringing the knowledge and experience I have of sustainable development to the table.

credit-todd-powell-deborah-shaner-september-2016-1Deborah Shaner 

Lived in Frisco: 10  years

Career Information:  Fire Protection Engineer/Owner, Shaner Life Safety

Previous Participation in Town Board or Committees:  Frisco Planning Commission 2012-2016; Summit County Ten Mile Planning Commission; Frisco Business Advisory Committee Member

Educational Background:  BS Colorado School of Mines; MS University of Maryland

Comments: As a Fire Protection Engineer, I make a living designing life safety, fire alarm and fire protection systems for buildings and communities. Life safety and community well being are at the top of my list of priorities. Through my experiences living in Frisco and as a Planning Commissioner, I have seen the Town evolve and want to ensure that as we grow we maintain our sense of community. I started on the Frisco Business Advisory Committee, then took on the role of Frisco Planning Commissioner, and have continued to want to give back to the community that I hold so dear. As a council member, my experience with the Town government, understanding of codes and standards and sense of fiscal responsibility serve me well to make decisions that benefit all who live and work in the great Town of Frisco. My background as a Professional Engineer will assist in evaluating the impact of future development on our infrastructure, resources and quality of life. I value Frisco’s small town feel and am committed to making decisions that benefit our town. I am committed to thinking logically and being fair, informed, prepared and engaged. The Town of Frisco will be facing some challenges in the coming years and as a Council Member, I will strive to protect this amazing town and ensure it continues to thrive.

credit-todd-powell-hunter-mortensenHunter Mortensen- Mayor Pro Tem

Lived in Frisco: 31 years

Career:  Professional Ski Patroller

Educational Background:  BA degree in English Colorado State University

Comments: I ran for Frisco Town Council because it is my time to give back to the community in which I grew up.  As a native of Frisco I bring a unique perspective that the Council has not had before.  I not only remember where we have come from but I also represent the future of this community.  As a council member I would have nothing to gain personally, my interests would be that of the town and its residents.  The town is poised for important decisions in the coming years.  With the foundation that the past councils have built, Frisco will be looking forward to a new set of challenges, growing tax revenue, infrastructure repairs and upgrades, town improvements to accommodate future growth, all while maintaining the spirit of the Town of Frisco and the reason why we all have chosen Frisco as home.  As a working resident who has committed to my current job for the past ten years, I bring years of community involvement including sitting on the Board of Directors for the Summit County Rescue Group.  I have made a commitment to making Frisco home and look forward to the opportunity to help be an active part of its future.

Dan Kibbie, Frisco Town Council Member, 2015Dan Kibbie

Lived in Frisco: 26 years

Career: Copper Mountain Resort 22 years

Educational background: University of Maine ~ Forestry

Comments: I bought my first house in Frisco in 1989, and built my first house in 1997, where I reside now. I met my wife Mirian while traveling in Peru and am now looking at starting a family. I want the same as everyone else to be able to live and work in such a great town as Frisco. There have been a lot of changes over the last 26 years. It has taken 20 years to get the balance between work, play and living here. We need to help the people of Frisco reach their dreams so they too can work, play and live here happily. If all we do is build places for second homeowners, who is going to run our tourism business and bring in our tax dollars?

Not all decisions are easy and need to be looked at carefully from different angles. My 22 years at Copper Mountain Resort gave me plenty of time preparing and being responsible for budgets. This will help me make the right decisions on future tax revenues and how we spend and save money for future generations.

When looking at development in the Town, I learned important lessons from having gone through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process. It took two years to build my house with the help of friends and family. I have worked for civil engineers and surveyors both in office and field, giving me experience of designing roads and getting the chance to layout projects. I have worked as a lead draftsman on projects including roads, subdivision, septic systems and commercial. This training will help me help Frisco businesses to understand the process and the timing of the Main Street reconstruction.

I have ideas on how we can put adventure into the Frisco Adventure Park. I have traveled for 20 years. My latest 50,000-mile motorcycle adventure around South America has given me the opportunity to visit other adventure parks. Let the people of Frisco decide on what adventure they would like to add.

credit-todd-powell-rick-ihnkenRick Ihnken

Lived in Frisco: 5 years

Career: Lieutenant, Safety and Medical Division – West Metro Fire Rescue. Part-time ski patroller, Arapahoe Basin. Former Flight for Life Flight Paramedic

Previous participation on Town boards: Peak One Neighborhood HOA. Former Board Member for other HOA boards

Educational background: Paramedic Training, Rutgers University.  AD, General Studies, Colorado Mountain College

Comments: As a Frisco Town Council member I aspire to serve as a representative of our local working families.  My wife and I have lived and worked in the community since 1995. While living in the Peak One Neighborhood I have come to know many of our community’s families. I look forward to representing these residents, as well as the multitudinous of diverse working families in Frisco. As a Lieutenant for the Safety and Medical Division at West Metro Fire Rescue, where I have worked for 15 years, I supervise, educate and train 80 personnel.  I feel confident that my background in leadership, my enthusiasm for the continuing betterment of our community, and my commitment to the prosperity of the local economy will fittingly serve our town.

Frisco’s staff, council, and manager have provided us with guidance and organization over the past decades. I trust that their leadership will guide my decision-making processes.  I am interested in learning the intricacies of continuing to grow a town that makes ours a spectacular place to live and to raise my family.  Three issues in our near future that are exciting:  the Frisco Transportation Center, the Lake Hill development, and the Highway 9 Iron Springs road re-route.

Each of these projects provides opportunities for smart growth for Frisco.  The Transportation Center will bring people to our town, providing the Town with an opportunity to create even greater shopping and dining experiences.  Lake Hill provides an avenue to strengthen Frisco’s infrastructure, while at the same time creating a year round economy.  The Highway 9 re-route, while debated, won on the side of not only proponents of the project, but also the initial opponents. In my tenure as Council member I aspire to continue to forge relationships and, in doing so, carry on the tradition of representing our local working families.