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FRISCO – Friday, February 11, 2011 — Governor John Hickenlooper announced Monday the Statewide Internet Portal Authority eGovernment Services Grants. SIPA awarded 24 Colorado local governments grants, totaling nearly $100,000, to increase the availability of online services, products or information. The Town of Frisco received $5,000 for the development of an online job application database and to improve the Town Code search function.

The Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) created the grant program to encourage local governments to put more services and information online. Recognizing the tight budgetary times of local governments and the ever increasing demands of highly mobile citizens, SIPA is fostering the use of the Internet as a tool for delivering services.

“SIPA understands how important it is to give people access to more information and services,” said state Sen. Bill Cadman, chairman of the SIPA Board of Directors. “These grants will allow local governments to use technology to deliver services directly to the homes of those they serve, which will make it easier to register for recreation classes, apply for jobs and receive medical consultations.”

The grant program was open to all Colorado governments including cities, counties and special districts.

SIPA was created in 2004 by the Colorado General Assembly, is self-funded, and has a mission to provide efficient and effective services for citizens through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology solutions. For more information, visit

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