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Wildfire Mitigation & Free Summit County Chipping Program

Summit County is recognized across the West as a leader in community wildfire protection. In 2008, local voters approved a mill levy that now funds a variety of wildfire mitigation programs, including the Summit County Chipping Program, which launched in 2014. Through the Chipping Program, thousands of Summit County residents and property owners have taken concrete steps to protect their homes from wildfire. Here are some highlights of our community’s success in the program’s first three years:

  • 5,430 participating households
  • 16,191 slash piles chipped
  • 16,180 cubic yards of woody material chipped and collected

Once again this year, Summit County government is helping residents and property owners create defensible space by providing free chipping and disposal for branches, logs and small trees. If you clear woody vegetation from around your home and stack it in a slash pile, Summit County will chip it and haul it away at no cost. Summit County provides a helpful chipping fact sheet with a chipping schedule for each community in Summit County (Frisco and Copper- Week 1 June 26–30 and Week 8 August 14–18) and some tips and guidelines for making sure your wildfire mitigation efforts are successful.

Also, all the fire districts in Summit County offer a free defensible space assessment of properties to help you figure out what will be the best plan for your particular property. Call your local fire district to schedule:

  • Lake Dillon Fire- 970-262-5209
  • Red White & Blue Fire- 970-453-2474
  • Copper Mountain Fire- 970-968-2300
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