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Land Use Code Update 2017


Come to a community conversation to hear about the UDC project and suggested revisions to the Town of Frisco’s land use code.  An overview and draft code changes will be discussed. Please come and provide your input.

Important Dates:

  • April 28th, Public UDC Draft posted to
  • May 2nd, Tuesday, Town Hall Community Outreach Luncheon 12 – 1:30 (Special Invite to Community Resource Team)
  • May 11th, Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • May 15th, Monday, “Town Talk” featuring Community Development and the UDC
  • June 4th, Sunday (rescheduled) “Town Clean-Up Day”, UDC Information Booth
  • Town Council public hearing on June 13th
  • Town Council public hearing on June 27th, second reading



Over the past 2 years, the Town of Frisco has been working on an update of its zoning regulations.  The project is called the Unified Development Code (UDC) Project as it consolidates the zoning and subdivision regulations into one document and section of the municipal code. The update has been undertaken in 2 major phases.  Phase I was a reformatting and reorganization of the code to make the document easier to use (this part is 95% completed). Phase 2 is the substantive update of the language of the code to improve development standards and processes, and ensure that the code implements Frisco’s vision for its future. (This part is underway and drafts will be available for public review soon.)

The process for this project started out with stakeholder meetings with members of the public (especially people who use the code, such as developers, architects, planners, and land use attorneys), the Frisco Planning Commission, the Frisco Town Council, and members of the public. The stakeholder meetings gave us insights as to what was working in the code, what was not, and generating new ideas.  The Town engaged the land use consulting firm of Clarion Associates in these interviews and for ongoing code drafting work. Coupled with the inputs from stakeholders, Clarion conducted a “code audit” and produced an assessment report of the then-existing code and made professional recommendations for changes.

The changes to the UDC are intended to implement the recommendations provided in the Development Ordinances Assessment Report completed in December 2013, specifically:

    • Create a More User-Friendly Document Format. This draft illustrates how the new reformatted and reorganized UDC will be much more user-friendly than the current regulations. In addition to reformatting and reorganizing information, we also developed several new tables to enhance the readability and created graphics to demonstrate certain standards.
    • Improve Current Zone Districts and Land Uses. This draft presents a new table of allowed land uses, incorporating several modifications to existing allowances and several new land uses based on discussions with staff, Town Council, and the Planning Commission. While all of the zoning districts have been carried forward, several of the current overlay districts have been eliminated in this draft.
    • Consider Targeted Updates to the Development Review Procedures. This draft introduces a standardized review procedure, consolidating common review steps and supplementing them with application-specific standards. Criteria have been added to clarify the approval criteria for different development procedures. Decision-making responsibilities have been clarified through the use of a new summary table.
  • Enhance Development Standards to Ensure High-Quality Projects. Design standards in overlay districts have been redrafted to clarify requirements from aspirational statements and to make them more generally applicable throughout the Central Core District.


Additional Information:

June 2017 DRAFT UDC Code For Town Council

June 2017 DRAFT UDC Code For Town Council (Redlined)

Summary of Changes (Updated 5/24/17)

Power Point Presentation

Use Table (Redlined)