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Frisco Celebrates Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Frisco Historic Park and Museum would like to recognize the many strong women that helped shape our community.  We encourage you to visit the Annie Ruth House and discover the women of Frisco.

March was officially adopted as Women’s history month in 1987.  Every year Women’s History month honors the extraordinary achievements of American women.  Women in Frisco have always made an impact.  A great example of this occurred in 1913 when the Frisco Town Council dissolved.  For three years no council meetings were held.  The prosperity of the town began to diminish; mines were closing, people were moving away and the electricity was cut off.  Frisco was becoming a ghost town.  That is until Frisco’s women stepped in!  Several ladies gathered together, held an election, voted in an all-female board and saved the town.  This was possible because women in Colorado were granted the right to vote in 1900, way ahead of the rest of the country!

Led by Florence Huter the elected Mayor, the all-female board tackled Frisco’s debts and returned the town to a respectable financial position.  Eventually, the men of Frisco came back to run the town but, there is no telling what would be of this little town without the organization and concern of its early women!

Susan Badger was another one of the great characters of the town.  Badger, similar to many women of her time, traveled from the east coast to the west, an adventure in itself.  Badger eventually picked up and moved to Frisco with her Scotty dog, Dinah, and her Model A Ford in 1934.  Badger was known for holding a variety of jobs in town, from Welfare Director to Justice of the Peace, but also made a reputation as quite the frontierswoman for chopping her own wood and holding poker parties in her home, where whiskey drinking and cigars were enjoyed with her friends.

Celebrate Frisco’s colorful history at the 30th Anniversary party “Pistols and Pearls” on May 31from 5 – 9 p.m.  Early bird tickets are available through April 1.  Come out to the museum, sip on some whiskey or wine, and make a reputation for yourself.

For more information on the Frisco Historic Park or the Pistol and Pearls party, please visit

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