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Frisco Historic Park & Museum continues work on Oral History Project

Frisco Historic Park & Museum continues work on their Oral History Project.  Museum staff and Tom Randolph, a long-time Frisco resident and active museum volunteer are using digital technology to capture and archive all the data collected.  This data will eventually be available to the public via the website and possibly a permanent installation at the museum.

The goal of this project is to digitally collect oral histories, historical narratives or stories from former or current Frisco residents.  Stories relating to local history include but are not limited to ranching, mining, school days, recreation or any other memories the participants would like to share of Frisco’s rich history.  Interviews are usually one to two hours and most participants provide photos and diaries for the Museum to copy and archive. Lists of oral history interview candidates were created from existing museum archives and databases, photographs and referrals.

The Museum Mission: The Frisco Historic Park & Museum preserves and promotes the Town of Frisco’s heritage and history by presenting an excellent educational museum experience to the community and its visitors, connecting the past, present and future to the world around us.

For more information please contact Museum Manager, Simone Belz at (970) 668-3428

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