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On  March 30, 2011 the Town of Frisco launched a series of six community forums to create the Frisco Community Plan; an update to the town’s comprehensive plan.  The second forum set for April 20th is a community discussion on “Why Frisco”, and will focus on why people chose to move to Frisco and what is important to community members.  The discussion goal is to identify the community’s shared values. Each forum is being held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Frisco Day Lodge at the Peninsula Recreation Area.  

 The process to create the Frisco Community Plan includes community discussions on what is community, why Frisco, what it means to be a local, what is the future, and ends with a community dinner celebration.  The end result is a plan that will identify common shared values and establish shared quality of life policy statements, which will be used to connect, sustain, and create the future of the Town of Frisco.  In order to maximize community involvement the meetings feature a variety of different approaches including keynote speakers, videos and group discussions. On-line surveys and other follow-up conversations also are planned throughout the process.

Frisco’s comprehensive plan is an advisory document that identifies the community’s direction for the future.  The Town Charter requires the plan to be updated every five years.  After the six community forums conclude this summer, the final plan will be scheduled for adoption by the Frisco Town Council.  Once adopted, the Frisco Community Plan will be formally used to provide direction to elected and appointed officials, community members and staff for the next five years.  

The remaining forum dates are as follows:

April 20th, May 4th, May 18th,  June 8th,  June 22nd

Additional information on the 2011 Frisco Community Plan can be found online at . For more information please contact Ryan McGee in the Planning department at (970) 668-9131 or

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