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Frisco Launches New Budget Page on Government Website

The Town of Frisco is working to improve public knowledge and involvement in the annual budgeting process.  To accomplish this, new features are being added to the government website which will allow greater public education, participation, and awareness of the budget process.  The Town will launch a new Budget page that offers two different components. 

 The first component will provide a breakdown of the budget process, the different departments that make up the Town and the different funds that make up the budget.  It will explain where the funds for the Town come from and how they are allocated for the year.  There will be featured videos from department heads describing the functions of their department and how they plan their budget.  As well there will be information on the budget process and how citizens can get involved.  This addition is where citizens can ask specific questions about the details of the budget.

 The other component will provide information on the specific policy questions that are presented to council for the 2012 budget and will offer the ability for citizens to convey their thoughts electronically.  Citizens will have the option to email questions or comments on specific policy questions as well as vote for, or against, a policy question.

 The objective of this new site is to allow for more public participation throughout the budget process and to create a greater level of transparency.  The site will be up and running by early September.

 In addition to the new website functions, the Town will be holding a Budget Open House for citizens to come and learn more about the details of Frisco’s annual budget; where the money comes from, and where it goes.  The intent of the Budget Open House will be to answer general budgetary questions the public may have.

 Citizens are also encouraged to come to the Council Budget worksession where they will be able to ask questions and provide feedback to the Council on policy questions.  The worksession will not be a place for general budget discussions, but is intended to allow for citizens to comment specifically on the policy questions.  For details on when these events will be taking place you can view the budget calendar online at

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