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Frisco Town Council Approves 36 New Workforce Housing Units

During a March 28, 2017 meeting, Frisco Town Council made four decisions vital to the short and long range future of workforce housing in Frisco. These decisions included the formation of a housing task force, as well as approval for 36 new workforce housing units in Frisco.

During a lengthy workforce housing discussion, the Frisco Town Council made the decision to form a housing task force comprised of community members with diverse backgrounds related to housing. The housing task force is scheduled to begin their work in late spring and will meet twice a month for 6 months. The goal of the task force is to assist Frisco Town Council by creating a strategic housing plan for the short and long term workforce housing needs of the community. Areas of recommendation would include housing project priorities, code incentives and 5A fund strategies, among other issues.

Interested community members are asked to submit an application that describes their interest in serving on this task force and any relevant experience as it relates to housing. Applications are available at and must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 10 at Frisco Town Hall at 1 Main St., Frisco, CO 80443 or via email to Town Council expects the task force to be comprised of people with a variety of backgrounds (i.e. finance/lending, construction industry, small business, real estate, planning/architecture, development, citizen at large, etc.) with a preference for community members living or working in Frisco or the Ten Mile Basin.

Frisco Town Council gave approval to move to the next step on the Galena Street workforce housing project on Town owned land at 306 Galena Street. This project would include the construction of 8 new units of workforce housing: one studio, five 1-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom units. Four of these units would be committed to Town of Frisco employees with the remaining 4 units going to employees working at other Frisco businesses.

Town Council also approved an amendment to the real covenant and agreement related to pad 5 at the Basecamp Development to allow residential units on the 2nd floor or above. Residential uses were not listed as prohibited in the original covenant agreement for the Basecamp Development, nor expressly noted as a permitted use, and hence, the owner of the property, Brynn Grey, had to ask the Town of Frisco for an amendment to pave the way for 24 units of workforce housing.  Part of the agreement with the Town included the stipulation that employees in the Ten Mile Basin must be given preference for these rental units. Brynn Grey purchased the land for the Basecamp development from the Town of Frisco to develop retail spaces, which now house Whole Foods and the Rio Grande Restaurant, as well as other businesses.

An additional 4 workforce units were also approved through amendment of the Lakepoint at Frisco planned unit development (PUD) to permit residential uses above the existing Wendy’s Restaurant/Exxon gas station at 940 North Ten Mile Drive. Only commercial uses were permitted on this site until this amendment was approved by Town Council. The owners of this property will be converting 2nd floor office space into workforce housing for their employees.

“It was a remarkable night for workforce housing in Frisco. Frisco Town Council made four decisions opening the door to 36 new employee housing units in Frisco, as well as initiating an ambitious timeline to complete a plan for strategic workforce housing solutions. These decisions speak to the Council’s desire to remain flexible and embrace creativity when considering what it will take to bring more workforce housing to Frisco,” stated Randy Ready, Frisco Town Manager.

For more information please contact Frisco Public Information Officer, Brodie Boilard, at (970) 668-9126 or

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