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Local Businesses Now Being Accepted Into Green Business Programs

The Town of Frisco is again partnering with High Country Conservation to offer the Frisco Clean Tracks Business Program.  This voluntary program offers technical support, cash incentives and recognition to businesses that want to go green.  Assistance is offered for a variety of upgrades including recycling, composting, energy efficiency, purchasing policies, planning, transportation and more. Program space is limited so the Town encourages businesses to sign up as soon as possible.

The Town of Frisco has been partnering with High Country Conservation and the Governor’s Energy Office since 2009 through the Clean Tracks program.  The overall mission of Clean Tracks is for Frisco to become a model mountain community committed to clean energy solutions, economic vitality, and environmental stewardship through: action, education, and inspiration. Businesses that join the program are provided with free energy and waste assessments, money for energy and waste improvements, public recognition and networking opportunities.

Several Frisco businesses participated in the Clean Tracks Business Program in 2011: Alpine Market and Deli, Backcountry Brewery, Gatherhouse, Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, Medical Marijuana of the Rockies, Podium Sports, Rivers Clothing Company, Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, Shoe Inn Boutique, Winter Properties/Buyers Resource, and the Woods Inn.  These businesses saved money through reduced energy usage and reduced waste, as well as reduced their overall carbon emissions. To sign up, learn more about the program and read about business success stories, please visit: or

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