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New Ordinance Aims to Preserve Frisco’s Character

The Town of Frisco is pleased to announce the adoption of a new, innovative ordinance called Cabin Housing.  This zoning ordinance allows developers and landowners to construct multiple single family structures on a lot provided that the structures meet the cabin design and size criteria.

“This is an optional zoning ordinance, in that the landowner can choose to do this development instead of the conventional zoning which often times only leads to large size, multifamily buildings,” explains Community Planner Suzanne Kelley.

The intent of this ordinance is to provide development options that are more in architectural character with Frisco’s past, increase the housing and social diversity, provide more opportunities for home ownership, and preserve existing cabins.

The cabin housing development will have to go through the development review process.  For more information, please contact Suzanne Kelley at (970) 668-9125 or

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