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Peak One Parcel RFQ and RFP Next Steps

Starting in 2007 and finalized in late 2008, the Town and community worked together to create the Peak One Parcel Master Plan for the 12.68 acre parcel, to develop it into an affordable residential neighborhood.  In February 2009 the Town-owned Peak One Parcel was annexed into the Town of Frisco boundaries and zoned into the Residential Neighborhood (RN) Zone District.

The RN Zone District is a new town zoning district, and its purpose is to promote community residential development that provides a cohesive and eclectic identity, is sustainable and livable, respects existing neighborhoods, and promotes the natural environment.  Uses include detached single family homes, accessory or carriage house units, duplexes, and cabin housing developments.  It provides for smaller lot sizes and floor area ratios for structures, and also requires that a minimum of 30% of the Peak One Parcel be set aside as open space.

However, the underlying RN zoning for the Peak One Parcel is only one aspect of providing direction for the parcel’s development.  The other is the direction provided by the Peak One Parcel Master Plan.  Its governing intent, principals, policies and sub-area descriptions represent the direction given to the Town by the Frisco community.  The plan provides direction for the concept of a residential neighborhood that allows for a variety of housing design through architectural detail and elements, provides human scale to the neighborhood and complements existing adjacent neighborhoods, and preserves and enhances trail connections to the public land south of the parcel.

The process the Town is using to select a development partner for the parcel is a two step process.  In late February 2009 the Peak One Parcel Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for an affordable housing development partner was issued and 17 development teams responded by the March 27, 2009 deadline.  The intent of the RFQ was for development teams to submit their qualifications and interest in becoming the Town’s development partner on this project.  A review committee, comprised of community members, Town Council and staff, will be selecting the top development teams to participate in the second phase of the development partner selection process, to respond to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the parcel.  It is anticipated that the RFP will be issued to the selected development teams by the end of April or early May 2009.

The RFP identifies specifically how the Town and community intend the Peak One Parcel to be developed.  Although not yet completely finalized, the RFP includes the following requirements:

■ Fundamental objectives for this development are to exceed expectations of the community, to provide local workforce housing in a fiscally sound manner, to build quality and functional housing units at a reasonable price, and to create a livable development that is an attractive and sustainable extension of the town.
■ The development concept for the site must be based on 50-75 residential units, and focus of the development should be to target the 80% to 160% of the Area Median Income.
■ The Peak One Parcel Master Plan guidelines and policies must be addressed, including:
– Sustainability:  Ensure environmental sustainability and natural features are incorporated into the layout and design of the parcel.
– Open Space/Recreation:  Include continuous open space areas throughout the new neighborhood to be publicly accessible to all residents of Frisco.
– Street Design/Access:  Utilize the existing network of trails and paths to guide the location and design of streets and pedestrian pathways.
– Density/Unit Balance:  Create density gradient that respects edge conditions adjacent to existing neighborhoods with lower densities adjacent to the existing neighborhoods and higher densities located toward the center of the parcel.
– Human Scale:  Ensure the parcel is developed into a neighborhood that retains corridors, and enhances the human to building, building to building, and building to street relationships.
– Trail Connections:  Use the existing trail network and provide useable, central, continuous trail corridors to access through the site to adjacent public recreational areas.
– Architectural Character:  The design of the residential neighborhood needs to reflect Frisco’s mountain character and be compatible with adjacent neighborhoods.
■ The RN Zone District must be met, including providing a minimum of 30% of the parcel as open space/recreational area.  Roadways do not count toward the 30% open space requirement.
■ Appropriate buffer areas must be maintained between development on the parcel, and the adjacent existing neighborhoods.  Consideration must be given to the existing Mountainside development, and the other existing adjacent residences, including separation between buildings and building heights.
■ Location and scale of housing units, including: building types and sizes; lot sizes; driveways; and, lot coverages must meet the RN zone district requirements.
■ Neighborhood park amenities must be included.  The park(s) should be considered an amenity for Frisco and not solely for the Peak One Parcel.
■ Appropriate buffer areas must be maintained between development on the parcel and the existing Summit County Recreational Path.
■ A Pro Forma/Business Plan must be submitted that includes a fiscally sound plan and schedule for the development of the parcel.

The RFP is requesting potential development partners to submit a conceptual development plan based on the above parameters.  It is anticipated that once a development partner is selected, that the final design of the development will evolve through collaboration between the development partner, the Town and the Frisco community.  The Town looks forward to working with the community as the process to select a development partner on the Peak One Parcel continues to move forward.  For more information on the selection process (RFQ and RFP phases) and/or for more background information on the Peak One Parcel, please contact Mark Gage, Community Development Director at 668-9121 or via email to

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