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Step Up Main Street Open House set for June 4

For more detailed information please go to:  Step Up Main Street Page 

On Wednesday, June 4, the Town of Frisco is hosting an open house for the community regarding the “Step Up Main Street” project and the changes that have been made to the original plans. The community is invited to attend one of two open houses being held at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on June 4 in Frisco Town Hall Council Chambers.

All meeting attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the construction phases and timelines and about the platforms the Town will be utilizing to communicate the project’s progression. The “Step Up Main Street” project is slated to be implemented during the shoulder seasons, beginning in late summer 2014.

The project will improve infrastructure and create a more welcoming and useable Main Street.  Components of the project include adding additional street benches, updating street lighting, expanding the north side sidewalk two feet (to make it as wide as the current sidewalk on the south side of the street), and updating the paver design / increasing the amenity strip on each side of the sidewalk.  The project will also improve drainage, as well as improve safety and functionality.  Parking along Main Street will remain in its current configuration, and will result in no net loss of parking for Main Street patrons.  Summer seasonal placement of flower planter boxes and hanging flower baskets are planned to continue as in past years.

“Step Up Main Street” is a revitalization master plan for Frisco’s Main Street from Madison to Seventh Avenue.  Main Streetwas deeded to the Town by CDOT in 1981 and improvements were made in 1982.  In 1982, the Town initiated improvements to Main Street, including sidewalks, on-street lighting, on-street parking, and street furniture.  Today, the infrastructure is aging and outdated.  “Main Street will fail sooner than later and cause larger impacts if it is left as is.  By being proactive with the improvements we can lessen the impact on businesses and the community as a whole,” stated Tim Mack, Town of Frisco Public Works Director.

For more information on the “Step Up Main Street” project, please contact Town of Frisco Public Works Department at (970) 668-0836.


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