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Town Nuisance Code Change to Include Dead Trees

The Frisco Town Council has approved Ordinance 08-14, which amends Section 124-4 to add standing dead trees as an enumerated nuisance.

Currently, most other municipalities have code provisions that simply declare as a nuisance, or require the property owner to remove, any tree that is a “safety hazard to persons or property.”  This ordinance clarifies that language to declare as a nuisance any standing dead tree that is either taller than it is distant from a property line, or that is located within 15 feet of a building.

On a vote of 5 – 1 (Council member Sawyer was absent); the Council agreed this new ordinance will give the Town more enforcement capabilities with regards to dead trees.  The procedure by which the Town would require removal of dead trees is identical to those currently used with respect to the abatement of pine beetle-infested trees.

Click hereto read Ordinance 08-14.  For questions and more information, please contact Karla Bastidas at the Frisco Police Department: 970-668-3579, ext. 3104 or

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