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Town of Frisco Awards Grants to Local Non-Profits

The Town of Frisco is proud to announce its continued support of local non-profit groups through its annual grant process.  The Frisco Town Council is awarding nearly $230,000 to 30 organizations in 2009; three organizations are being provided free field use through the Town.

“Giving back is vital in any community,” says Frisco Mayor Bill Pelham.  “All of these groups are fundamental to our citizens and we want to see them succeed.”

Some of the groups who are receiving money in 2009 work with children, families, endangered species, music, and sports.  A portion of the money, $10,000, goes toward college scholarships for high school seniors.

“Money we give any of these organizations in an investment in the future.  The money makes our town richer in spirit and makes it a better place to live for us and future generations”

Each year, the Town of Frisco participates with other local governments in a coordinated grant request process.  In Frisco, grants are typically awarded based on the project’s benefit to Frisco residents, past council allocations, and results from past programs funded by the Town.

The total amount of grants awarded for 2009 is down 8% from 2008, but “these groups benefit all of us, and giving them anything we can helps them tremendously,” explains Pelham.

The grant request process for 2010 will begin this summer; please check for more information at that time.  For a list of 2009’s grant recipients, please go to the Annual Budget section on the Town’s website.

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