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Town of Frisco Receives Award for the 2012 Community Plan

The Colorado American Planning Association (APA) awarded the Town of Frisco a 2012 Merit Award in the Category of Community Engagement for the Frisco Community Plan, “Connect.Sustain.Create.”  The award committee felt, “the project’s creative public process is easily transferable to other Colorado communities.”

“The public process was innovative and advances community engagement in Frisco: finding connections, focusing on sustainability and creating lasting relationships,” explains Jocelyn Mills, Director of the Frisco Community Development Department.

 The community process to create the Frisco Community Plan consisted of six public forums and one business forum.  Each public forum built upon the previous community forum’s dialogue and conversations. More than seventy-five community members and business owners attended the forums.  Additionally, many other community members participated via an interactive webpage for the process and through on-line surveys.  Other internet community engagement tools staff used included social media (primarily via Facebook), on-line comment forms, video clips of speakers posted on-line, and video interviews of attendees at the end of the forums.

This is the second time the Town of Frisco has received recognition by the APA.  In 2010, the town received the Colorado APA Excellence Award in the Category of Outstanding Planning Project for the Peak One Neighborhood.  The APA is a member organization of professional planners and planning officials who serve Colorado’s communities in many ways, at all levels of government, the private sector and non-profit organizations.

The Frisco Community Plan is on the Town of Frisco’s Government website at

Please contact the Town of Frisco Community Development Department with any questions at (970) 668-5276.


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