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Town of Frisco Online Sales/Lodging Tax Filing and Payment Instructions

Please read all instructions carefully before proceeding to the online filing and payment system – Vacation Rental owners and lodging providers, in particular, should pay special attention to instruction line #8. Thank you!

The Town of Frisco is excited to announce the implementation of a fully integrated online sales/lodging tax filing and payment system, with the help of our partner, Xpress Bill Pay. It is important to note that the Town of Frisco, as in the past, does not accept credit/debit card payment for tax payments, but you can make payments directly using your business or personal checking account.

Before you begin, you will need a PIN number unique to your sales/lodging tax account. To obtain your PIN number, you will need to contact our Revenue Specialist Chad Most directly, either in person at Town Hall, 1 E. Main St., via telephone at (970) 668-9127, or via e-mail at  You will also need to verify ownership of the account when requesting a PIN. To verify ownership, please have a copy of your most recently filed sales/lodging tax return available when making your request.

In order to file and pay your taxes online, you must first have an Xpress Bill Pay account (if you already pay your water bills online, then you have an existing account). You must also have the following:

a. Town of Frisco Sales/Lodging Tax Account Number
b. PIN Number Generated by Town of Frisco
c. Business Checking Account Number and Bank Routing Number

If you already have an Xpress Bill Pay account and have obtained your PIN for business tax filing, please skip down to the “Existing Account Holder” instructions.


1. Go to and create an account

2. Select “Add New Bill” or click to “Add Billing Organizations Near You”: Frisco, CO.

3. Select “Business Tax – Online” and enter your Town of Frisco Sales/Lodging Tax Account Number and PIN.

4. Select “Locate Account” – it will likely take a few moments for your account to load the first time – if your account does not appear then either your account number or PIN is incorrect.

 5. Select “File Taxes” – you should now see the tax filings screen.

EXISTING ACCOUNT HOLDERS – Log in & select “View Taxes”:

6. From the “Unfiled Taxes” drop down box, select the return you would like to file. All unfiled returns from prior periods will be listed. Future returns will not be listed until the end of the applicable reporting period.

 7. You should now see the return fill in form – USE THE TAB KEY TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE FORM (using enter will cause the form to calculate and take you to the “Review” screen) – enter in your gross sales on line 1 and any deductions you may be claiming on lines 3A – H.


9. Hit enter or select “Calculate Return” – your net taxable sales and sales/lodging tax due will be automatically calculated and you will be taken to a review screen – if you hit enter prematurely or have reviewed your return and found errors, please select “Make Changes” to return to the entry form.

 10. Carefully review your form for accuracy. If all information is correct, select “File and Pay” – you will receive a warning, select “OK” if you are ready to file and make a payment.

11. Select “Pay Now” – Please keep in mind that any balances due from prior periods have not automatically populated on your current return. The amount showed here is based only on the information entered for the current return. If you wish to pay an additional amount based on a balance due notice from the Town of Frisco, please add the amount due to the “Item Amount” box and then select “Update Cart.”

12. Enter your payment information (no credit/debit cards accepted) and be sure to select “Save This Payment Information” if you wish to return and pay for future periods – both your bank routing and account numbers must be entered twice to confirm – Select “Continue” (If you use different accounts for different businesses, you can enter several checking accounts).

 13. You will be provided with one more opportunity to review, select “Complete Payment” once through.

14. Save your receipt as a .pdf file on your computer for your records.

15. Please be sure to log out once you have completed the filing and payment process.

Once you begin the online filing process, technical questions regarding the website must be directed to Xpress Bill Pay technical support at (800) 766-2350. For non-technical questions specifically for the Town of Frisco, please call (970) 668-9127.

Thank you again for doing business in the Town of Frisco and filing your sales/lodging tax online! Please follow this link to begin: