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Animal Licenses

Every dog or cat more than three months of age that is kept in the Town of Frisco must be licensed by the Town Clerk of the Town of Frisco and must be vaccinated by a regularly licensed veterinarian. Owners must show proof of rabies vaccination when applying for a license.

To license your pet, please bring a copy of current rabies vaccination, as well as a check or money order to the Frisco Police Department during regular business hours at 1 W. Main Street in Frisco.

License costs are $10.00 for spayed or neutered animals and $15.00 for those that are not spayed or neutered. Licenses expire at the end of each year.

Animal Control and Shelter

The Summit County Animal Control and Shelter Facility is located just south of town off Highway 9. A number of dogs and cats are available for adoption at any given time. For more information, contact the shelter directly at (970) 668-3230.