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Trash & Recycling


Rubbish collectors for Frisco include:

  • Snowy Peak Trash & Recycle: (970) 668-0659
  • Talking Trash: (970) 389-0101
  • Waste Management of the Rockies: (970) 468-2475


The nearest Summit County Recycling drop-off center is located at the County Commons, CR 1004, off Highway 9 at the south end of Frisco. The center recycles a variety of materials, including plastics, glass, metal, paper and paperboard/cardboard. The Summit County Recycling Guide provides a complete list of the type of materials that are accepted.

For more information call High Country Conservation (HC3) at (970) 668-5703 or visit The HC3 office is located in the Frisco Recreation Building at 110 3rd Avenue, between Main St. and Granite Ave