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Town Owned Lands

The Town of Frisco owns several parcels of land throughout the community. Several of these parcels are not suitable for residential development due to location and zoning constraints, however, some are appropriate for residential uses. Definitely, the town intends to have the conversation regarding housing on each of its parcels, as appropriate. The town owned parcels identified for redevelopment for housing include:

  • 306 Galena Street – .24acres. Current uses include one Town of Frisco employee unit and public parking. Future uses include adding one more employee unit.
  • 113 Granite Street – .25 acres. Current uses include three Town of Frisco employee units. Future uses include redevelopment to maximize lot for employee units. The town currently is seeking requests for proposals to redevelop this site in 2008-09. Go to our RFP page for more information.
  • 3rd Avenue and Granite Street lot – .48 acres. Currently the lot is a gravel vacant lot, and is used for informal parking. Future uses include potential for parking and in conjunction with redevelopment of the Frisco Recreation Building (110 3rd Ave). Affordable housing opportunities will be considered with any redevelopment of the lot.
  • Peak One Parcel at the south end of Second Avenue and west end of Belford Street – 12.68 acres. Currently the parcel is undeveloped. The Frisco Town Council has directed staff to explore the future of the Peak One Parcel, and develop a master land use plan for the site, to include affordable housing, market rate housing along with recreational opportunities, trail connections and view corridors. This process is currently underway, please click here for more details.
  • 110 S 4th Avenue – 0.48 acres.  Current uses include public parking and rented commercial space.  Future uses may include redevelopment of the site into some public parking along with ground floor commercial space and above ground floor residential units, some of which could be deed restricted as affordable.  Staff is looking into opportunities for redevelopment of the site.