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Frisco Historic Park & Museum Creates a Five Year Strategic Plan

The Frisco Historic Park & Museum creates a five year strategic plan that sets forth four strategic goals that support the organizational mission. Each goal has corresponding strategies and all organizational efforts, projects and plans are directed to achieving these goals. Goals are designed to align with American Alliance of Museum’s Standards and Characteristics of Excellence.

The strategic goals in order areas as follows: achieve museum accreditation, follow the Collections Management Plan, provide excellent museum services, and promote the museum and Frisco’s heritage.

The museum’s primary goal for the next five years is to sustain a professional public institution, which excels in presenting engaging, educational exhibitions, innovative programs and quality heritage experiences. The Frisco Historic Park & Museum strives to become an accredited institution within the museum arena and become regionally recognized as an outstanding museum, while continuing to serve as a pivotal center for Summit County’s heritage and tourist attractions. With a focus on collections stewardship, historic preservation and education projects, all fundamental to the Museum’s mission, staff will advocate, facilitate and promote excellence in all museum programming and services.

The Frisco Historic Park & Museum plays a vital role in our community’s educational and cultural character. Through the use of historic artifacts, history exhibits, interpretive material and programs, the Frisco Historic Park & Museum conveys the story of Frisco and its people.

Frisco Town Council approved the strategic plan in August.  The Master Plan is available for the public to view at

The Museum Mission: The Frisco Historic Park & Museum preserves and promotes the Town of Frisco’s heritage and history by presenting an excellent educational museum experience to the community and its visitors, connecting the past, present and future to the world around us.

For more information please contact Museum Manager, Simone Belz at (970) 668-3428 or


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