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Plan It Frisco Hosts the First in a Series of Community Forums to Update Frisco’s Zoning Code

July 2013

Zoning codes are land use planning tools, adopted by communities, to regulate location of uses and the physical form of development, such as building height and building design.  Zoning regulations aim to promote and preserve the “character” of the community through the built environment. 

A comprehensive update of the Town of Frisco’s zoning codes last occurred in the early 1980’s.  Over the next 18-24 months, the Town will be hosting community input sessions to review and consider updates to the community’s zoning codes.  All updates will be presented to the Frisco Planning Commission and Town Council for formal consideration and adoption.

Frisco Community Plan direction/vision for the Update:  Frisco is a community that encourages land uses and architectural styles to fit its mountain town identity, and strives for development with sustainable design, materials and practices.

Goals of the Update: 

1. Zone Districts to reflect a resilient mountain town community.

    • Main Street area is our downtown and serves as our collective identity.
    • Summit Boulevard area is our regional economic center.
    • Residential areas are where we live and play.

2. Zoning Requirements to retain and enhance  the community’s character.

    • Mountain town
    • Eclectic style
    • Historic influences

3. Zoning Code to be user friendly document.

    • Format/layout of chapters
    • Photos
    • Graphs and charts