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Catchup with Council, February 22, 2022 – Non-Profit Grant Presentation, Budget Amendments, Employee Recruitment and Retention Discussion

CIRSA Presentation: Towards Excellence in a Council Work Culture

Executive Director of the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA), Tami A. Tanoue, gave a presentation to Council about how elected officials can each contribute to governing-body work culture. The purpose of this presentation was to bring awareness to the challenges of working as a collaborative, unified governing body and to provide methods and tools used to foster trust and transparency within the council and among constituents, as well as how to move most efficiently  towards Council’s common goals for the Town.

2022 Non-Profit Grant Awards Presentation

Frisco Town Council honored local non-profit organizations with a video presentation acknowledging the award of a combined total of $80,400 in cash grants and more than $29,806 in in-kind donations to the 2022 grant recipients. Every year the Town provides an opportunity for non-profits to apply through a countywide grant program. Council choses to support many applicants, while considering several criteria such as benefit to Frisco and Summit County residents, past allocations, an organization’s results from Frisco supported programs, and alignment with Town of Frisco strategic goals. Council reiterated their gratitude to all the local nonprofits that continue to serve the community, and the presentation was done virtually to respect the safety and comfort of all who attended.

Town Manager Recruitment Update

The Town of Frisco Town Manager resigned on January 17, 2022, and on January 25, 2022 Town Council gave staff the direction to pursue a recruitment firm to help find and select the next Town Manager.

After a thorough review of the 16 recruitment firms that had a proven background in recruitment in the public sector, staff selected two firms, GovHR USA and Strategic Government Resources, for Council’s consideration based on experience, cost, participation in the selection process, and service longevity of successful hires.

While both proposals met the necessary requirements to recruit a qualified Town Manager, Council evaluated the two finalists and selected Strategic Government Resources based on recommendations, as well as experience with like-minded municipalities to Frisco.

Municipalities regularly contract with executive search firms, particularly those that specialize in public-sector recruitment, because they have verifiable track records, knowledge of candidates, objectivity, and external expertise. Additionally, search firms understand how to optimally advertise executive positions, screen applicants, and can offer expert advice about interviewing candidates and negotiating with the final candidate.

Amendments to the budget

Council approved on first reading two separate ordinances amending the 2021 and 2022 budgets. Circumstances occasionally require the Town to make changes to an approved budget and these changes must be adopted by Council ordinance.

Supplemental Appropriations for 2021: These supplemental appropriations were discussed with Council during the 2021 calendar year and include:

Discontinuing temporary reserve held related to pandemic uncertainty, and transferring $13,480,105 from the General Fund to Capital Fund and reimbursing $287,500 to the SCHA (Housing-5A) Fund, also from the General Fund, for funds spent in support of pandemic related employee rent relief.

Supplemental Appropriations from 2022 (rolled over from 2021 Budget): These supplemental appropriations relate to projects budgeted, but not completed in the 2021 budget. Overall, funds are available within each fund’s ending balance in order to absorb the additional appropriations. Re-allocating the expenses to the 2022 budget does not decrease the total projected ending fund balance for 2022 below the amounts published in the 2022 Adopted Budget Book. These expenses include:

  • Appropriating $107,000 in the General Fund for the Frisco Housing Locals pilot program and social equity outreach programs.
  • Appropriating $328,500 in the Capital Improvement Fund for  various equipment and maintenance projects
  • Appropriating $976,574 in the Water Fund for ongoing capital improvements to water infrastructure
  • Appropriating $897,906 in the Marina Fund for ongoing Marina Plan projects such as the fuel system, new lift station, and new office/guest service building.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Staff continues to work on recruitment and retention strategies and made recommendations to better attract and retain quality employees. Council supported the staff recommendation to increase the starting wage for seasonal employees from $15.00 to $17.00 per hour and to expand the current comprehensive incentive package, while ensuring that incentives remain equitable and valuable to all employees.

Current incentives include free Copper Mountain day pass vouchers, free skiing, rentals, and lessons at the Frisco Nordic Center, discounted and free boat rentals at the Marina, as well as free use of Town services and facilities such as the wash bay and trash/recycling dumpsters. To learn more about employee incentives and about current career opportunities with the Town of Frisco, please visit

Frisco Town Council Meetings: Ways to Participate

Frisco Town Council meetings are available to view via Zoom and YouTube, and are also held in person to make Town Council meetings easier to access for everyone.

The public can provide comment during meetings via Zoom or in person (not YouTube), and a public comment period will be available at 7:00pm; during the consideration of ordinances; and at the discretion of Town Council during work session items, which are discussions that don’t require a formal vote by Town Council and do not require public comment.

Again, this hybrid approach is intended to make Town Council meetings more accessible, and meeting recordings will typically also be made available the day after a meeting in the meeting archive with agenda topics bookmarked to the discussions in the video.