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Includes: Exterior Finishes including Exterior Paint and Lighting, Re-Siding, Re-Roofing, Window/Door Replacements and Hot Tubs on existing slab/deck.

Includes: Decks, Patios, Sheds, Interior Remodels/Tenant Finishes, Driveways, Parking Areas, and Sidewalks, Landscaping/Tree Removal, Trash Enclosures, and Hot Tubs on new slabs/deck.

Includes Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, and Non-Residential, (including additions/accessory buildings that do not qualify as minor site plans)

Includes: Decks, Patios and Sheds (for multi-family, mixed-use, and non-residential), New Single-Family and two Household Homes (including garages, additions, and associated accessory structures), and Additions and/or Accessory Buildings (maximum 1,000 sq.ft. GFA or 1,000 sq.ft. lot coverage)