2022 Frisco Town Council Election & Candidates

General Election Information

During the April 5, 2022 regular election, Frisco voters will be electing three (3) Council members. The three highest vote getting Council Member candidates will be elected to four-year terms. Town elections are non-partisan.

The Council is the legislative and governing body of the Town.

The Town of Frisco utilizes the “Council-Manager” form of government. The Council determines policies, enacts local legislation, adopts budgets, and appoints the Town Manager. The Town Manager executes the laws and administers the Town government.

The Town Clerk’s office operates under the provisions of the Frisco Town Charter and the Colorado Municipal Election Code.

Town Council Candidate Forum

The Town of Frisco hosted an in-person Town Council candidate forum on Thursday, March 10 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The community was invited to meet the seven candidates who are running for three open Town Council seats and learn more about their vision for Frisco.  The forum included opening statements by each candidate, as well as a question and answer period.

Watch Candidate Forum Livestream on YouTube

Council Member Candidates

Portrait of John HammettJohn Hammett

How long have you lived in Frisco: 2019
Prior Experience – Career Information: Automation Controls Engineer – Siemens (Present), Owner – Jack of All Trades/Handyman (Present). Previous Employment: Director of Pump Controls Manufacturing – Power-Flo Technologies, Director of Controls Manufacturing/IT Director – Alpha General Services, Inc., Computer Service Manager – MicroNet Solutions, Small Engine Repair – Ace Hardware, Lead Customer Service – Hampton Inn
Educational Background: Advanced Degree in Technology, TT Institute – Atlanta, Ga. Associates Degree in Business Administration – South Florida College
Comments: After moving from Atlanta to Frisco two years ago, my dream of living in a winter wonderland came to fruition. I am blessed to be working and residing in a postcard world in the Colorado Rockies. Frisco is my home, and my goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the council as we address the issues that so greatly affect our beautiful town. My background focuses on engineering, small business ownership, corporate management, advanced wastewater treatment, retail and hospitality. This broad experience gives me creative insight into the problems that face our community. I am primarily a problem solver. In the coming year, I would like to address workforce housing issues, education, ending all medical mandates and protecting the local environment (including the accumulating mask trash). Local businesses here echo the same issue – the lack of employees due to the chronic shortage of low-income housing. It saddens me that this issue is still unresolved. To bring about the biggest positive impact to the town of Frisco and the surrounding communities, I will dedicate my efforts to resolving the workforce housing issues in a timely manner. Employees from all over the world desire to work here. Let’s make this possible. I’m ready to listen and respond proactively. There are no problems, only solutions. Contact me with your questions and concerns and let’s get this done!

Portrait of Andy HeldAndy Held

How long have you lived in Frisco: 1987
Prior Experience – Career Information: Owner, Held Joinery
Civic Engagement: Frisco Town Council: April 2020 – present; Planning Commission: June 2018 – present; Summit County Wildfire Council Representative; Make Frisco Arts Council Committee Member
Comments: A resident of Frisco for 35 years, I am a passionate, active citizen and business owner. I will champion the issues that matter most. Housing, short term rentals, infrastructure, sustainable smart design, support the arts and remain a diligent force to protect our town from wildfire. If the good people of Frisco see fit to elect me, it would be my honor to fervently serve their needs.

Portrait of Lisa HolenkoLisa Holenko

How long have you lived in Frisco: 2012
Prior Experience – Career Information: Owner, Next Page Books & Nosh
Comments: I have lived and worked in Frisco for almost ten years, owning a small business for over five. I’m running for town council because the Town of Frisco has given us so much and I feel strongly about giving back to this community to show my appreciation and to be a part of bringing this tremendous town into the future, for tourists, but most importantly for the citizens of Frisco. For almost a decade, I have watched the growth and change in Frisco. As a business owner I have benefited from the expansion, but also have suffered from the affordable housing crisis. My employees have had a tremendously difficult time finding homes, as so many other hard-working locals have.  As a resident I have felt the impact of thriving tourism, both positively and negatively, but it is my nature to embrace change and to work with others to create positive results. During my time as a high school English teacher, I learned to work on committees successfully; to listen to co-workers, administrators, students, and parents to find solutions. I learned from all of the fore-mentioned, as I do from my staff, and will continue to listen and learn. As Council Member my focus will be on making sure the perspective of locals is taken into consideration as we continue to navigate growth in Frisco. Tourism is incredibly important to our ability to live and work in Frisco, but locals and our small businesses are our lifeblood that make it all possible.

Portrait of Joe "Buck" PhillipsJoe “Buck” Phillips

How long have you lived in Frisco: 2019
Prior Experience – Career Information: Former Aviation safety committee member, retail manager, chef, food and beverage manager
Civic Engagement: Current volunteer with Advocates for Victims of Domestic Assault, former writing tutor
Educational Background: Currently pursuing my AS in political science at CMC
Comments: It didn’t take long after my first winter in Summit to decide Frisco was where I wanted to call home. The mission statement for this town we call home is “to preserve a family oriented and economically vibrant community that encourages citizen involvement”, and that’s my driving force for running. I know what it’s like to make a life in Frisco — the excitement that brings, as well as the challenges. I live in a workforce housing neighborhood and am an employee of local businesses. I spend a good amount of time walking my dog on the local paths and trails in and surrounding town. My friends, neighbors, coworkers all cherish this incredible place, but many are not so lucky to find good housing in order to make a long-term commitment to living here. I see at the businesses where I work how difficult it is to find committed employees, who are so vital to our local tourism-based economy.

Portrait of David RollingDavid Rolling

How long have you lived in Frisco: 2015
Prior Experience – Career Information: Over 25 years’ experience in technology companies from start-up to global companies. I’ve lead organizations from 5 to 1,100+ professionals. I am currently Vice President for a start-up company. Active member:  Service Industry Association (TSIA) and Six Sigma (Quality Improvement)
Civic Engagement: I have attended all the Frisco Town Council meetings for the past two years, virtually and in-person since June 8, 2021 (when COVID restriction was lifted). I have been active in youth athletic and educational organizations — Science Olympiad teams for four years and youth sports teams for ten years. I also held youth sports league leadership roles for four years.
Educational Background: Bachelor of Computer Science
Comments: I was not blessed to be born and raised in Frisco, instead I strived 20+ years to move here. I discovered Frisco in 2000 and fell in love (who doesn’t?!). My wife and I then started planning to relocate and ultimately purchased our home in 2015. I changed jobs to move to Frisco. Workforce – We must find ways to attract and retain workers. Affordable workforce housing is a huge challenge, but workers also need childcare, transportation, safe community, clean drinking water, and family friendly activities. Help our businesses – Our business community is the heart of our economy and Town. We need to invest our resources, time, and energy in helping grow those businesses and cultivate new ones. We are a tourism-based economy – as tourism goes, so goes our Community. We need to attract visitors and encourage them to return, thereby driving our business and economy. Senior Living – Frisco & Summit County lack ANY senior Independent or Assisted Living housing. We live our lives here and yet when we need extra assistance are forced to move away. This is unacceptable and we must lead the way in encouraging housing alternatives for our Seniors. Don’t forget our Residents! – Whether it is discussions about paid parking (I’m not supportive), rental fees at our Marina, “Dock Island”, or cost for services at Peninsula Recreation Area, our residents deserve preferential treatment. After all, our taxes pay for these facilities so it’s not much to ask that we receive preferred pricing and scheduling.

Portrait of Elizabeth J. Skrzypczak-AdrianElizabeth J. Skrzypczak-Adrian

How long have you lived in Frisco: 1995
Prior Experience – Career Information: Small business owner and commercial property owner at Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, 285 Main St. Frisco, CO.  Town of Frisco seasonal flower attendant; Town of Frisco Historical Park and Museum; Town of Frisco Information Center
Civic Engagement: Special Education Partnership Committee, Make Frisco Art Collective, Women’s Prison Book Project, Voice Space community expression even host
Educational Background: AA degree – Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge, CO. 2006; BA degree Ethnic Studies – University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.2011; BA degree English Literature – University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. 2011; MA degree Geocriticism Literary Theory – Prescott College, Prescott, AZ. 2021
Comments: I have built my life in Frisco and I am now creating a place for my children to grow up. As a local resident for 26 years, I would love to be a part of the collaborative group that makes up Frisco’s Town Council. Some of our current top issues of workforce housing, staffing shortages, childcare opportunities and thriving small businesses will need continued and thoughtful attention from people with longevity in the Frisco community. As a part of a thriving community, I feel a sense of  connectedness. There is a place and a role for each person. Frisco’s strong community is always evolving. We are not immune from tough circumstances, instead we adapt and become stronger as we work together. Effective communities embrace conflict and diversity by working through differences of opinion and making space for civil discourse and the learning that occurs from appreciating multiple points of view. I look forward to applying myself in service to the Frisco community.

Portrait of James Hayes WalshJames Hayes Walsh

How long have you lived in Frisco: 2017
Prior Experience – Career Information: Currently employed as a property manager for Summit Resort Group in Summit County. Previously developed vacant retail space and operated as a t-shirt store for four years in Marin County, California
Civic Engagement: Spearheaded the Frisco Housing Petition. Spent approximately eighty hours going door to door listening to residents’ opinions on the housing situation while collecting 433 signatures
Educational Background: BA in Business from Louisiana State University
Comments:  My goal in seeking election to council is to implement and execute the will of Frisco’s residents while bringing transparency to the process.  People want their voices heard and council is failing to listen.  Not every situation will have a clear majority consensus but when one exists council’s job is not to question the will of its constitutes.  Main Street Promenade is a perfect example of council going against the will of its residents.  85% of residents surveyed and 22 of 33 businesses wanted the promenade to return, and yet Council voted against it in a closed-door executive session.  A small but vocal minority with personal and business ties to council members were able to pull the strings to sway the decision-making in favor of an obvious minority. I understand there will not always be a clear majority and as a council member will be required to make tough decisions.  I intend to root my decision-making in direct feedback from locals residing in Frisco.  On major issues, I will bring ideas and solutions directly to the people for voting allowing everyone to have a voice.  Voting on specific legislation will allow our community to discuss important issues in a meaningful way and move forward towards solutions.