Four Candidates To Be Seated in Open Frisco Town Council Seats

The Town of Frisco recently solicited applications from citizens interested in running for four seats to be available on the Town Council beginning in April 2018. As of Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 5:00 p.m., the deadline to withdraw candidate petitions, the following individuals applied for the vacant seats:

Daniel Fallon –Town Council – Four Year Term

Rick Ihnken – Town Council – Two Year Term

Hunter Mortensen – Town Council – Four Year Term

Melissa Sherburne – Town Council – Four Year Term

In accordance with Frisco Town Code, all four candidates will be deemed elected on April 3, 2018 and will be sworn into office at the regular Council Meeting on April 24, 2018.

Per Frisco Town Code, the candidate portion of the election, scheduled for April 3, 2018 will be cancelled due to there not being more candidates than vacant seats on Council to be filled.

The Town of Frisco would like to thank the candidates for their willingness to serve their community. A reception will be held in April for the community to meet the new Town Council and sendoff the outgoing Council members Kim Cancelosi and Dan Kibbie.

April 2018 Council Member Bios

Daniel Fallon

Lived in Frisco Since: 1990

Prior Experience – Career Information: Former Restaurant Owner: Barkley’s Margaritagrille Restaurant, Barkley’s West Nightclub, Chill Nightclub, Po’ boys Restaurant and Peppino’s Pizza and Subs

Civic Engagement: Frisco Town Council: 2006 – 2008. Over the last 20 years I have served on numerous Town committees, including a Town of Frisco Master Plan committee. In the last 6 months I have served on the Frisco Housing Task Force and I am currently a member of the Frisco Marina Master Plan committee.

Educational Background: General Studies, Cornell University

Comments: I have been fortunate to have spent most of my adult life in Frisco. I met my wife Shannon here and we genuinely appreciate the opportunity we are afforded to raise our two sons, Eamonn (12) and Owen (8), here in this incredible environment. I know from experience the considerable time required of a Council member to responsibly represent the concerns of the citizens. I have the time to make this a priority and I believe that my 20+ years of business experience would be an asset on the Council as it prepares to meet the challenges looming in the next term.

The next Council will have to: complete and implement the overdue Town of Frisco Master Plan, including the Marina and PRA plans; -utilize 5A funds and other Town resources to address the enduring workforce and attainable housing crisis while anticipating the effects of density in the Central Core and other workforce housing development; implement policy to mitigate the adverse effects of short term rentals; undertake a comprehensive parking policy and transportation review; consider the final development plan for Highway 9 from Main Street to the Peninsula entrance; ensure that the services and investments in amenities we value as a community are responsibly reconciled in the budget. The primary responsibility of a councilperson is to ensure the long term financial security of the Town.

I am looking forward to getting to work with the citizens of Frisco to synthesize a proactive and financially responsible plan for Frisco’s future.


Rick Ihnken

Rick Ihnken

Lived in Frisco Since: 1995

Prior Experience – Career Information: Lieutenant, Safety and Medical Division – West Metro Fire Rescue; Part-time ski patroller, Arapahoe Basin; Former Flight for Life Flight Paramedic

Civic Engagement: Town Council: May 2016 – April 2018. Peak One Neighborhood HOA. Former Board Member for other HOA boards

Educational Background: Paramedic Training, Rutgers University; A.D. General Studies, Colorado Mountain College

Comments: As a Frisco Town Council member I have endeavored to serve as a representative of our local working families. My wife and I have lived and worked in the community since 1995. While living in the Peak One Neighborhood, I have come to know many of our community’s families. I look forward to representing these residents, as well as the countless other diverse working families in Frisco. As a Captain in the Emergency Medical Services Division at West Metro Fire Rescue, I support, educate, and supervise over 400 personnel and represent our organization to outside agencies. I feel confident that my background in leadership, my enthusiasm for the continuing betterment of our community, and my commitment to the prosperity of the local economy has and will continue to serve our town.

Frisco’s staff provides council with information and experience from decades of dedicated service. I know that their leadership and input has and will assist my decision-making processes. I look forward to continuing to grow as a person and leader with a vision for Frisco’s prosperity. It is the people and community in Frisco that make our town a spectacular place to live and to raise my family.

Three issues in our near future that are exciting are: working to create workforce housing with public and private partnerships; the Frisco Transportation Center; and the Highway 9 Gap project while looking at the Highway 9 / I-70 interchange. Each of these projects provides opportunities for smart growth for Frisco. The Transportation Center will bring people to our town, providing the Town with an opportunity to create even greater shopping and dining experiences. Workforce housing will assist small business owners to recruit and maintain staff, while also creating a stable year round economy. The Highway 9 projects, while debated, will have some of the biggest impact on the town and need to be planned with Town and citizen input.

In my tenure as Council member I have worked on building relationships with town, county, and state partners/stakeholders. In doing so, I believe that Frisco has a stronger presence and voice on issues that affect Frisco. In conclusion, I started this journey to learn about government processes and represent working families. Now I want to use what I have learned to guide smart growth.

Hunter Mortensen

Hunter Mortensen

Lived in Frisco Since: 1978

Prior Experience – Career Information: Professional Ski Patroller

Civic Engagement: Town Council April 2014 – April 2018

Educational Background: BA degree in English Colorado State University

Comments: I ran for Frisco Town Council because it is my time to give back to the community in which I grew up. As a native of Frisco I bring a unique perspective that the Council has not had before. I not only remember where we have come from but I also represent the future of this community. As a council member I would have nothing to gain personally, my interests would be that of the town and its residents. The town is poised for important decisions in the coming years. With the foundation that the past councils have built, Frisco will be looking forward to a new set of challenges, growing tax revenue, infrastructure repairs and upgrades, town improvements to accommodate future growth, all while maintaining the spirit of the Town of Frisco and the reason why we all have chosen Frisco as home. As a working resident who has committed to my current job for the past ten years, I bring years of community involvement including sitting on the Board of Directors for the Summit County Rescue Group. I have made a commitment to making Frisco home and look forward to the opportunity to help be an active part of its future.

Melissa Sherburne

Lived in Frisco Since:2010

Prior Experience – Career Information: Director of Acquisitions Brynn Grey Partners, Ltd; Community Planning and Development

Civic Engagement: Frisco Planning Commission: 2012 – Present, currently Chairperson, Marina Master Plan Advisory Committee, Unified Development Code Citizen Resource Team

Educational Background: B.A. degree CU-Boulder, M.E.M degree Duke University, AICP, LEED-AP

Comments: Living in Frisco for the last 7 years, raising my children here, I have learned that there is something truly unique and special about this town. Frisco is independent and authentic, with strong community values. We cherish our local businesses, take pride in our history, and feel connected to the outdoors. I am concerned that these qualities are at risk, and want to help preserve what makes Frisco such an incredible place to call home.

Housing is vital to our future and will require creative solutions in the years ahead. As a resident of Peak One Neighborhood, I see every day what a positive impact a great neighborhood can have on individuals and families. Our Council needs to ensure that there are opportunities for people of all ages, incomes, and stages of life to live and thrive in Frisco.

Frisco has a wonderful array of businesses and recreational opportunities that support a healthy year-round economy – from Main Street and Highway 9, to the Marina and PRA. Looking forward, we need to foster local businesses that define Frisco’s character; stay on-trend with recreation while maintaining authenticity; and continue to attract new businesses that align with our vision for economic sustainability. We will also need to carefully examine how large projects can affect our long-term quality of life.

Frisco is a gem amongst mountain towns and I care deeply about its future. I would be honored to serve this community on the Frisco Town Council.