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Reduce Water Waste and Save Money with a Free Sprinkler Check-Up

Solve your Outdoor Sprinkler System Issues with a Free Sprinkler Consultation for Your Home

Slow the Flow offers water-saving in-ground sprinkler consultations for your residential property. Through our partnership with over 30 water providers across Colorado’s Front Range, Slow the Flow Sprinkler consultations are available for free to qualifying residents. Participants schedule an appointment to meet with a trained technician at their home and learn how to save water and money while keeping their lawn healthy and green!

Free Consultation

The service usually takes 90 minutes and involves a visual inspection, data collection, and in-depth evaluation. Our technicians will deliver a clear and actionable list of suggestions to reduce water use and runoff at each property, while keeping landscapes and lawns healthy.

Important Note

Consultations will begin in early June and are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. Reserve your spot today and our friendly customer service staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Register online or call 303-999-3824.