Town News

Frisco Bay Marina Ribbon Cutting

On Friday, August 16, 2019 at 4:30pm, the Town of Frisco is inviting the community to a ceremonial ribbon cutting for “Big Dig” and Phase One projects at the Frisco Bay Marina. This project is part of the Marina Master Plan, which was approved in June 2018 by the Frisco Town Council. The public is invited to join Frisco Mayor Gary Wilkinson and the Frisco Town Council at the Frisco Bay Marina, as they celebrate the completion of the “Big Dig” and Phase One projects, which are anticipated to positively impact the Frisco Bay Marina for generations.

The ribbon cutting at 4:30pm will be followed by a celebration and live music at the Island Grill.

The “Big Dig” involved significant excavation of the lake bed in the Frisco Bay to improve navigation; lengthen the boating season; and expand recreational facilities at the Marina. The grade in the bay was lowered as much as 13 feet in some areas.  85,000 cubic yards of dirt were moved as part of this project, creating four acres of new land and a spacious new gangway.  These improvements provided for a greater separation of motor and paddle sport uses in the bay and on land.

Phase One of the project included relocation and construction of a boat ramp in a new location. The new ramp has three generous lanes, rather than the previous ramp’s two narrow lanes.  The beach was also significantly expanded; the new beach is 400 feet long, compared to the old 50 foot long beach. New walkways/promenades and railings were also constructed along the shore.

“The Frisco Bay Marina is one of Frisco’s crown jewels and the epicenter of summer recreation here in Frisco. We are already seeing the impacts of these Marina improvements with the phenomenal level of activity on the newly expanded beach, and we know that these changes will continue to have significant impacts on the quality of life for Frisco residents for many years to come,” stated Frisco Town Manager Nancy Kerry.

Future phases will likely address improved park spaces and pedestrian connectivity, with a goal of providing better access to the water. Also, new marina rental, retail, office, restroom and restaurant spaces are anticipated to be built closer to the water’s edge to achieve a better customer experience. These improvements will be made progressively over the next few years, as conditions and budget allow.

More information about the Frisco Bay Marina “Big Dig” and the Marina Master Plan is available here or by emailing or calling 970-668-4334.