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Frisco Main Street Closed on Monday for Parklet Deployment

On Monday, October 19, 2020 at 6:00 am, Frisco Public Works will be closing Main Street to all traffic from 5th to 3rd Avenues for parklet deployment. Work will begin at 6:00am and is expected to be completed by Noon. 5th and 3rd Avenues will remain open and 4th will be closed at Main Street to allow the equipment free movement through the area.

The Frisco Public Works Department has been building the parklets (think small decks that fit into parking spaces) with support from a $50,000 Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) grant. The Town of Frisco applied for, and received this parklet grant from CDOT, as a way to help businesses adapt to changing conditions and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information for businesses that want a parklet 

  • On Monday, 20 parklets are being deployed to businesses which voiced an interest in having them in front of their businesses, and more parklets will become available later in the month and in early November. They may be deployed anywhere in Frisco, but businesses should first understand any constraints, especially from HOAs on private property before requesting a parklet.
  • Parklets are designed to withstand snow load and harsh conditions, but businesses will be responsible for their own parklet snow removal/maintenance.
  • Parklet deployment will typically be limited to the length of a businesses’ frontage. Parklets are 10’x10′ and are designed to be strung together like “Legos” to accommodate frontages of various sizes.
  • In order to animate and illuminate the parklets, parklets on Main Street will include the whiskey barrel lights that were used on the Promenade.
  • Parklets will only be successful if they are being used and cared for, and more than 15 days of disuse and/or lack of maintenance may result in parklet removal.
  • Businesses interested in having a parklet in front of their business will need to sign an agreement with the Town and provide insurance. Businesses which already have agreements with the Town due to their Promenade participation will have a streamlined process.
  • Businesses wanting to expand their liquor licenses onto the parklets will need this agreement with the Town, and the Town will assist with liquor license extension applications, as Town staff did for businesses on the Promenade. If you have liquor license questions, please reach to Town Clerk Deborah Wohlmuth at
  • Any proposed heating elements, such as mushroom heaters, will require approval by Summit Fire & EMS which is a separate and independent district not under the management of the Town of Frisco. Questions regarding this permitting process may be directed to Fire Marshal Captain Kim McDonald at or 970-262-5100.

Any business interested in having a parklet in front of their business should email Don Reimer at with a date for preferred parklet deployment, measurements of the length of their business frontage, and any other info that Town staff may find helpful.