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Frisco Pedestrian Promenade & Shop Local Program Launch June 12

On Friday, June 12, the Town of Frisco will launch a shop local program called “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” and the Frisco Pedestrian Promenade, which answers the call of businesses who are in need of more square footage to bring their occupancy to normal levels.The shop local program will encourage over $270,000 of spending in local businesses, and the Promenade will transform three blocks of Frisco Main Street, from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue, into a pedestrian and bike-only zone with open air dining and shopping.

Frisco Pedestrian Promenade

In order to provide businesses with more square footage, while adhering to the State of Colorado and Summit County Public Health orders pertaining to COVID-19, the Town of Frisco will turn three blocks of Frisco Main Street from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue into a pedestrian and bike-only area named the Frisco Pedestrian Promenade by a local business owner.

Frisco Public Works will close Main Street from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue at 6:00am on Thursday, June 11, with all avenues staying open to traffic and parking. Businesses will be able to start setting up in the area designated for their use on Friday, June 12, provided they have signed and submitted a licensing agreement to the Town that allows them to use space on Main Street. The use of this public space is free of charge, but businesses will need to provide their own tables, chairs, displays, and other necessary equipment. The Town of Frisco will provide the equipment necessary to create the pedestrian and bike-only areas, and the Town is also providing more overhead bistro lighting and flowers to add to the already existing charm on Frisco Main Street.

The Promenade will be continually monitored by Town staff, and the Town will seek constant feedback from businesses to determine what works and what doesn’t in order to make changes as the summer progresses. There is no end date for the Promenade, as it will be continually assessed and will remain only as long as it is needed. Feedback and questions regarding use of Main Street may be directed to Director of Community Development, Don Reimer, via email or at 970-668-9130.

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“Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” Shop Local Program

Frisco Town Council committed $100,000 to a shop local program. This program will allow the Town of Frisco to offer a 33% discount to anyone wanting to shop local in Frisco. Starting Friday, June 12, consumers will be able to purchase an e-gift card online at, and the Town of Frisco will add to their purchase with a 33% bonus gift card.

Consumers will be able to purchase the following amounts:

  • Spend $30, receive a $10 bonus
  • Spend $75, receive a $25 bonus
  • Spend $120, receive a $40 bonus

“Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” e-gift cards will be available for purchase online beginning on June 12 until August 31, 2020 or while funding/supplies last. Individuals may receive a maximum of $125 in bonus gift cards, which will expire on September 15, 2020.  Purchased e-gift cards will never expire. When consumers purchase the Love Frisco, Shop Frisco e-gift card online, they will receive an email or text with their MasterCard e-gift cards for use in local Frisco shops and restaurants only.

In order to accept the “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” e-gift cards, businesses need to be able to process a key-entry (like a phone order) MasterCard. Businesses will then be paid through their credit card payment services provider during their normal settlement process. The “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” e-gift cards will only work at participating merchants; those who opt-in using a code provided by Yiftee, the Town’s technology partner on this project. Eligible businesses include restaurants, retailers, and personal service providers. Questions regarding this program may be directed to Tasha Wilson, Visitor Information Center Manager, via email.

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What to Expect While Visiting Frisco and Summit County

Frisco’s views, mountains, trails, and water are still as amazing as they always have been, and we are still all about getting out there and enjoying them. And Frisco Main Street is still charming, inviting, and full of unique local businesses, and Summit Boulevard remains the ideal place to stock up on provisions. Some things have needed to change though, in order to respect public health orders and the health of residents and visitors. Read more here about what to expect.

Frisco’s Multi-Pronged Approach to COVID-19 Recovery

The “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” campaign and Frisco Pedestrian Promenade strategies are the most recent components of a multi-pronged approach planned by Frisco Town Council, and implemented by staff, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and to encourage economic recovery. The first steps started in mid-March with twice-weekly virtual Frisco business meetings, which now continue once a week in order to provide a space for businesses to share ideas and feedback. During the third week of March, the Town of Frisco formed a COVID-19 Frisco Strategic Economic Response Team (SERT) to support Frisco businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis and to tactically plan for recovery. Eventually, four Frisco staff members were committed to this team, and the resource pages grew out of this effort, which continues today with consistently updated information for individuals and businesses on Federal, State and local resources.

In early April, Frisco Town Council approved two grant programs, one for Frisco businesses and one for rental assistance for individuals. The Frisco COVID-19 Business Assistance Program was funded with $500,000, and the Frisco Residential Rental Assistance program was funded with $250,000. In May, Frisco Town Council went on to commit $100,000 to the shop local program, “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco”, and to provide hand sanitizer and masks to businesses free of charge to enable them to have supplies on hand to immediately respond to and comply with updated public health orders. Frisco Town Council also approved the business community’s idea to create a pedestrian promenade on Main Street to increase square footage for existing Main Street businesses.