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Frisco Town Council Adopts 2019-20 Strategic Plan

At the Tuesday, May 28 Frisco Town Council regular meeting , the 2019-20 Strategic Plan was adopted. This plan was crafted out of the April Frisco Town Council workshop, where the Frisco Town Council reviewed community goals and prioritized which goals should be accomplished over the next 12 to 18 months. The Council also described their long-term vision for the Town of Frisco and out of this identified five high-priority goals, the actions to achieve those goals, and the timelines by which they intend the work to be completed. Following this workshop, the Town’s leadership team and staff from each department came together to determine how to align their operations, projects and programs to strategically support Frisco Town Council’s priorities.


Frisco Town Council adopted this Strategic Plan to ensure that budget and department priorities would align with Town Council’s and the community’s vision and supporting goals. This Strategic Plan includes not only actionable goals, but also measurable milestones to establish necessary urgency for Town Departments to ensure that progress is made in accordance with the expectations of Town Council. The Frisco Town Council identified the following five strategic priorities:

(1)        The Town of Frisco will be an Inclusive Community

(2)        The Town of Frisco will strive to create a Thriving Economy

(3)        The Town of Frisco will take action to achieve a Sustainable Environment

(4)        The Town of Frisco will prioritize its Vibrant Recreational Amenities

(5)        The Town of Frisco will provide Quality Core Services

The Frisco Town Council also highlighted four high-priority goals to be incorporated in to the Town’s Strategic Plan and to be implemented with particular urgency to meet the community’s needs:

(1) Implement housing solutions, which include adopting a five-year (2020-25) Strategic Housing Plan, identify 1, 3, and 5-year implementation plans, and adopt a memorandum of understanding between the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Town of Frisco to construct a mutually beneficial housing project.

(2) Implement the Summit Climate Action Plan, along with a 100% renewable electricity goal, which were adopted in May 2019.

(3) Identify new ongoing revenue streams by analyzing a variety of options, such as  expanding summer recreational opportunities at the Peninsula Recreation Area (PRA) and winter activities at the Frisco Bay Marina and the PRA.

(4) Strengthen infrastructure resiliency by completing a full scope life cycle assessment of all Town infrastructure to develop a five (5) to ten (10) year Asset Management and Replacement Plan, which will be presented to Frisco Town Council with a supporting budget proposal.

“Understanding Council’s vision and goals and aligning them with the work that Town staff is doing is absolutely vital to continuing to support the quality of life and values of Frisco residents. It is a privilege to be able to serve with our Town staff to bring Council’s vision and goals into action,” stated Nancy Kerry, Frisco Town Manager.

“This Council is committed to supporting Frisco businesses and residents with this Strategic Plan, which is intended to enhance the great quality of life and healthy community that we expect in Frisco. The Plan sets actionable goals with stated deadlines to ensure that we are all working together as a team with a mutual understanding of where we want to go and what we want to achieve,” stated Frisco Mayor Gary Wilkinson.

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