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Frisco Town Council to Award Sandy Mortensen with Frisco’s Finest Award at the February 11th Council Meeting

Frisco Town Council is presenting community member, Sandy Mortensen, with a Frisco’s Finest Award at the Frisco Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 7:00pm. Sandy is being honored by Frisco Town Council because her significant contributions to Frisco have made Frisco a better place to work, live, and play.

Many Hats

Sandy owned and managed four physical therapy practices in the Colorado High County from 1985 to 2001. Yet, the titles, physical therapist and small business owner, are only two of the many hats Sandy has put on over the years. She has instructed skiing, taught childbirth classes, worked as a ski patroller, acted as a general contractor to build her own off the grid house, served on many nonprofit boards and raised resources for countless non-profit campaigns in Frisco and greater Summit County.

Sandy also raised four children, as a single parent in Summit County. Three of her children now live outside of Summit County in Boulder, New York City and Denmark respectively. One son, Hunter, stayed close though; he lives in Frisco, works as a ski patroller in Breckenridge, volunteers with Summit Search and Rescue and serves on the Frisco Town Council.

“You know what is cool to me? All of my kids volunteer in their own ways and are helping others, it is amazing,” emphasized Sandy, while talking about the most important roles that she has taken on during her life.

Giving Back

Ms. Mortensen moved to Frisco in 1983, moving into a house she had originally looked at back when she first made her way to Summit County and Dillon Valley in 1977. Just two weeks after moving to Frisco, a woman knocked on her door, introduced herself and told Sandy that she was going to co-chair the Halloween Carnival at Silverthorne Elementary with her. Sandy went on to raise funds for both Silverthorne Elementary and Dillon Valley Elementary, including raising funds for the newly constructed Dillon Valley Elementary when the school needed books, playground equipment and curtains for the stage.

“That knock on the door was the start of my volunteer life in Summit County,” stated Sandy.

Sandy went on to serve on the board of the Summit County Preschool from 1978 to 1981 and as a member of the Summit County Accountability Committee from 1980-1982, as appointed by the Summit County School Board.

Pivotally, in 1991 Sandy joined the Rotary Club of Summit County, where she went on to serve as the president and eventually worked with Rotary organizations throughout the country on their long range planning. Sandy’s most recent role with Rotary has been in the role of District Governor.

“Rotary has been a big part of my life because of meaningful local contributions that the Rotary makes each year. Did you know that the Rotary Club of Summit County gives away $100,000 each year? And I also felt a real connection to the international work we did in Costa Rica, Guatemala…” remarked Sandy.

The National Repertory Orchestra (NRO) has also benefitted from Sandy’s attention, and she served on that board from 1997 to 2006. She went on to assist in raising funds for the “Raise the Roof” project at the Riverwalk Center in 2008, and she still serves as the chair for the NRO Sustainers, which is charged with retaining major donors.

In 1998, the Women of the Summit recognized Sandy with their first ATHENA award, a national award that recognizes professional accomplishment, community involvement and “those who open the paths so that other women may follow”.

“When I was in my early 20’s I wrote my goals on a napkin, and my #1 goal was to live in Colorado. The community has kept me here, and I’ll never quit serving the community. I’m still doing it,” stated Sandy.

Frisco’s Finest Award

Frisco’s Finest Award was established to thank and honor citizens who have made a difference in the community.  At the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting at 7:00pm, an award plaque will be presented to Sandy Mortensen, naming her Frisco’s Finest, and Mayor Gary Wilkinson will talk more about her contributions to the Frisco community. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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