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Help Shape the Future of Frisco Parks with a 5 Minute Parks Survey

Park-Side Meetings

In the month of May, the Town of Frisco hosted four park-side meetings to gather feedback from community members about the challenges, opportunities and possible improvements in Frisco’s parks. This is part of the Frisco Parks Master Plan process and will result in a master plan for four of Frisco’s parks: Meadow Creek, Pioneer Park, Walter Byron Park and Old Town Hall/Old Community Center Park. These plans will guide future investment and improvements.


Citizens are invited to continue to provide their ideas and feedback beyond the park-side meetings held in May by taking a five minute survey. Surveys must be completed by midnight on Sunday, June 9, 2019. Frisco needs feedback from citizens to ensure that these plans reflect the desires of the community.

Take Parks Survey Through June 9


In the 2019 budget, Town Council approved funds for park improvements in alignment with their goal to promote vibrant recreational opportunities in Frisco. As part of the community outreach process for the Community Plan update, a special public meeting was held on November 7, 2018. This meeting was focused on defining the character, opportunities and challenges at each of Frisco’s community parks. Outcomes from the meeting included a prioritization for improvements at four parks including: Walter Byron, Meadow Creek, Pioneer Park, and Old Town Hall and Community Center Parks. In order to thoughtfully plan for upgrades and improvements, staff is conducting a master planning process for each of these parks, and Frisco has contracted with Norris Design to help facilitate the planning process.