Town News

Historical Resource Survey Project Kicks Off with Virtual Meeting on May 6

The Town of Frisco will be holding a virtual public meeting on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 from 4:00 – 5:00pm to share information about Frisco’s Historical Resource Survey. The Town of Frisco has become increasingly interested in preserving its historic character. The survey, administered through a grant from the Colorado Historical Fund, will evaluate a selected 25 buildings through research of property records, visual review, and resources from Frisco’s Historic Park and Museum. The Town has enlisted the services of a Historic Preservation Specialist to facilitate the survey process.

“The first step in the discussions of how to preserve historic character is a historical survey project,” says Town of Frisco Planner, Susan Lee. “The Town hopes to gain valuable information on the ownership, construction details, and general history of some of our older buildings in order to determine how they fit into the broader context of Frisco’s history and if enough integrity remains to continue to tell the story of Frisco.”

The 25 Selected Buildings

While the 25 buildings were selected through the use of public records as to construction date and historic ownership, Museum information on various properties, and visual review of the buildings, the Town is asking for contributions from the community in the form of historic photos and any specific information that can be provided about these buildings. Some of the included buildings may already be designated as historic, however, this survey will bring as many sources of information as possible together into one document.

May 6 Virtual Meeting

At this meeting, which is open to everyone, a general overview of the survey process will be presented and town staff will be available to talk about the next steps. This survey project is for information gathering only and has no regulatory effect. It is the first step and a basis for future discussions on the development of Frisco’s historic preservation program. For those who are interested but are unable to attend the meeting, the Town requests that they fill out the Frisco Historic Resource Form available in the meeting information for May 6.