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Lynda Colety “Mama Moose” Receiving Frisco’s Finest Award November 26

Frisco Town Council is presenting community member, Lynda Colety, with a Frisco’s Finest Award at the Frisco Town Council meeting on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 7:00pm.

Lynda Colety, more fondly and commonly known as “Mama Moose”, is being honored because of the significant impact she has had on the Frisco community. Ms. Colety opened the Moose Jaw in 1973, creating a legacy of hospitality for legions of locals and visitors and a workplace that has inspired exceptional loyalty in her employees, which resembles a family more than a group of co-workers. Ms. Colety’s steadfast devotion to both her clientele and staff has earned her many accolades, including being proudly named one of the best “Mountain-Town ‘Dive’ Bars” in the country.

The Moose Jaw Legacy

Ms. Colety founded the Moose Jaw or what is commonly known as the “Jaw” to be a neighborhood bar with the intention of being known for serving the best burgers in the world. To that end, Ms. Colety insisted on Colorado sourced beef served amidst affordable brews with pool and games to create a community spot where people could hang out, see friends and connect. She has often been urged to raise the prices at the Moose Jaw, but Ms. Colety rarely does, insisting that the “Jaw” is about creating a place that is affordable for families and the community.

The Moose Jaw “Family”

Ms. Colety clearly has many dedicated employees with the longest tenured employee working at the Moose Jaw for 35 years; another employee has been there for 25 years and several are at 14 years. Karen Meyer, an employee for 14 years, states, “Everyone calls her Mama Moose, and she really is a mom to so many of us in the community, but especially to us (the employees).” Ms. Meyer emphasizes that their Mama Moose shows her caring for her employees in very specific and meaningful ways, including providing health insurance for all of the Moose Jaw’s full-time employees.

Ms. Colety cites her staff as the reason why the Moose Jaw is special. “They look out for the Moose Jaw and that makes the clientele. People enjoy coming to visit because of my wonderful staff,” emphasizes Ms. Colety.

Sustainable and Community Oriented Before It Was a Thing

Ms. Meyer shared that Ms. Colety does a lot of the things just because they embody her values and not because she wants to impress. Long before being sustainable became a buzz phrase, Ms. Colety moved from plastic to compostable and recycled products whenever possible. Ms. Colety also valued locally sourced beef long before “farm to table” became a marketing tagline.

The Moose Jaw’s walls are covered with softball team photos and lined with trophies. The décor just begins to hint at the decades of support for local adult sports leagues and countless other community causes that Ms. Colety has quietly sustained. Ms. Colety also started the very first town cleanup day in Frisco in 1975, when she asked a friend and Jaw regular from Waste Management to bring trash bins to Frisco Main Street. Ms. Colety’s cleanup day call to action was “Frisco clean up your act!”.

Mama Moose’s Future

Ms. Colety took the Moose Jaw off the market a while back because her son told her that he always wanted to move back to Frisco and run the Moose Jaw. She is planning for a well-deserved retirement in the next year to year and a half. When asked if she will stay in Frisco once she is no longer at the helm of the Moose Jaw, Ms. Colety answers, “Absolutely – can’t leave Frisco. I love this little town. That being said, I might take off for a few months in the winter, but there is no other place I would rather be. I’ve seen lots of change since I started the Moose Jaw, including when the sidewalks were put in. All my friends with babies, myself included, could use their strollers on the sidewalks at the 4th of July celebration, and we were all so thankful to the town.”

Frisco’s Finest Award

Frisco’s Finest Award was established to thank and honor citizens who have made a difference in the community. At the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting at 7:00pm, an award plaque will be presented to Lynda Colety, naming her Frisco’s Finest, and Mayor Gary Wilkinson will talk more about her contributions to the Frisco community. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend.