Town News

Meadow Creek Pond is Open for Ice Skating

Meadow Creek Pond, behind Walmart in Frisco, is now open for free public skating from dawn until 10:00 pm. The Frisco Public Works Department will regularly be clearing the ice of snow and maintaining this ice surface. Please expect natural ice conditions on the pond, even with ongoing maintenance.

  • Bring your own skates (no rentals are available)
  • The pond area is lit until 10:00 pm
  • Fishing is not permitted and ‘No fishing’ signs are posted around the pond, as auger holes and the related water flooding create an unsafe and un-fun ice skating surface. Ice fishermen/women are asked to ice fish elsewhere
  • Public Works measured ice depths of up to 9 inches within the ice rink area, but skaters are always advised that they are skating at their own risk
  • The ice rink may not be reserved