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Mural Artist Application Open Through July 10

For the second year, the Frisco Arts and Culture Council (FACC) is looking for local and regional Colorado artists to design and install small temporary murals in Frisco. The FACC would like to have four artists create one mural each on sites identified by the FACC, on one of Frisco’s recreational pathways. Locations have been selected with consideration for aesthetics, accessibility, impact, and logistics. Artists would receive $2,000 per mural, plus $600 for supplies.

Mural Site Details

The artist(s) will need to use water-based latex paint for a design that fits the space, covering at least 75% of paintable space, approximately 7 feet wide and 20 feet long. The mural’s design should be unexpected and imaginative with consideration for the project goals. The $2,600 per site includes all costs associated with the design and installation of the mural, including supplies. Mural installation should take place from July into early August.

Project Goals

The Frisco Arts and Culture Council is seeking to support local and regional creatives and add to the growing public art scene in Frisco, as well as supporting Frisco’s goals around art and culture as expressed in the Frisco Arts and Culture Strategic Plan. Murals should:  

  • Surprise and delight the community with artistic interpretations of the Frisco community’s culture and values
  • Enhance the built environment
  • Contribute to the growing public art scene in Frisco
  • Provide local and regional artists with paid opportunities to engage in public art

Interested artists should fill out and submit the application below by Wednesday, July 10, 2024. Submissions must include a brief description of any mural experience and images of murals designed and completed by the artist. Artists will be selected to create a mural based on past work, and once selected, they will be asked to provide a mural design for review.

Mural Application

The application is now closed.