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No Outdoor Fires Allowed- Type 2 Fire Restrictions Everywhere in Summit County

Summit County, along with the Towns of Blue River, Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne, have entered Stage 2 Fire Restrictions effective Wednesday, October 21. This is in recognition of higher fire danger resulting from lack of precipitation, a return to higher temperatures in recent weeks, the continuation of severe wildfire activity across the Western Slope, and the lack of firefighting resources.

Under Stage 2 Restrictions, fires are prohibited in picnic areas, campgrounds, private property and forested areas.

Prohibited under Stage 2 Restrictions

  • All outdoor fires
  • Use of charcoal grills
  • Fires in chimeneas, or any other outdoor fireplace or manufactured recreational fire device, regardless of any permit previously issued by the local fire district
  • Use of explosives, tracer ammunition or explosive targets
  • Use or sale of fireworks
  • Pile burns, regardless of previously issued permits
  • Inflation or propulsion of a hot air balloon
  • Use of any engine without a properly functioning spark arresting device

Permitted under Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

  • Use of gas grills and wood pellet grills outdoors
  • Any fire contained within a fireplace, stove, wood burning stove or pellet stove designed for and located within a fully enclosed permanent structure
  • Use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs); OHVs must remain on designated routes; if parked, OHVs must be in a barren area free of flammable vegetation, within 10 feet of the route or in a designated parking area
  • Smoking; smoking must take place a minimum of 3 feet from natural vegetation or other flammable material; all smoking materials, including cigarettes and matches, must be fully extinguished, cooled and disposed of in a designated receptacle
  • Use of an open-flame torch device; the operator must have immediate access to a fire extinguisher and be at least 15 feet from natural vegetation or other flammable material
  • Use of a chainsaw; the operator must have immediate access to a minimum 2A:10B:C dry chemical fire extinguisher

Shooting Range Closed

In coordination with these Stage two restrictions, Summit County will enact a full administrative closure of the Summit County Shooting Range until further notice. Wildfires can be ignited by hot ammunition fragments. Exploding targets and tracer ammunition are prohibited in Summit County.

Upcoming Forecast

According to the National Weather Service, Summit County is projected to have below-normal precipitation and higher-than-normal temperatures over the next several weeks. The U.S. Drought Monitor reports that Summit County is experiencing “extreme or exceptional drought” conditions.

Law Enforcement

Summit County’s towns, law-enforcement agencies and fire departments are united in reminding residents and visitors of the danger these conditions present particularly with firefighting resources stretched so thin across the state and the west. Summit County’s law-enforcement agencies will be enforcing the Stage 2 restrictions on open fires prompted by the extreme wildfire danger in the high country.

Please call 911 in an emergency and 970-668-8600 in a non-emergency.

More Information

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