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Quick Frisco Business Guide to Permitting Tents, Outdoor Merch Displays & Banners

Making Innovation Easier

As Frisco businesses get creative with winter operations, the Town of Frisco wants to make it easier for businesses to innovate and find solutions to business operation issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In that spirit, the Town of Frisco is making it easier for businesses:

  • to have outdoor/temporary tents
  • to display additional merchandise outdoors
  • to have additional banner signage

This relaxation of permitting requirements is currently scheduled to go through March 31, 2021, as allowed by Town Council Order 2020-

Below is a quick guide to tent, outdoor display, and banner permitting.

Permitting a Temporary Tent Structure for Fall/Winter

Certain regulations related to tents (including canopies, awnings, or similar structures) have been temporarily suspended; however, some requirements do remain to protect public safety.

Tents may be installed on private property, or may be installed on public streets or rights of ways if approval from the Town has been obtained and a revocable license agreement has been put into place with the Town.

How long may a tent be up to be considered temporary?

  • Under Town guidelines, a tent may only be in place for a maximum of 180 days (approximately six months).
  • The tent or canopy must be a temporary installation. Any tent or other structure that is permanent or will be in place in excess of 180 days is considered a permanent structure by the Town Building Code, and must meet all building code requirements, including obtaining a building permit.

What are the permitting steps for a temporary tent structure in Frisco?

  1. While a permit is not required from the Town of Frisco for a tent, you should contact the Town of Frisco Planning Department at 970-668-5276 to understand if you are on private or public property/right of way and to make sure that required access ways are being maintained. Also, all electrical installations for lighting or heat must be in compliance with the electrical code. All electrical permitting and inspections for the Town of Frisco are handled by the Summit County Building Department.It is best to contact the Town of Frisco before applying for any fire department or electrical permits.
  2. All temporary tents require a permit and inspection from Summit Fire & EMS which is a separate and independent district not under the management of the Town of Frisco. Summit Fire & EMS tent guidelines and permit requirements must be followed. Any proposed heating elements will also require approval by Summit Fire & EMS.

Is the process different for hard sided temporary structures like sheds or trailers?

Yes, other kinds of temporary structures which are hard sided and are up less than 180 days (other than tents) would still also need a building permit, in addition to the Summit Fire & EMS permit.  These might include pre-manufactured structures or mobile structures, like sheds or construction trailers.  Please contact the Town of Frisco Planning Department at 970-668-5276 for more guidance on these type of structures.

Outdoor Merchandise Displays and Sales for an Existing Business

A permit is not required from the Town of Frisco for outdoor merchandise displays and sales which are being initiated to promote an existing business in an adjacent location; however, your first step should be to contact the Planning Department at 970-668-5276 to review the display location to understand if you are on private or public property/right of way, and to make sure that required access ways are being maintained.

Merchandise may be displayed outdoors as follows:

  • On private property and commonly owned property with owner’s permission
  • On public sidewalks with approval from the Town and a revocable license agreement which has been put into place with the Town
  • Location must maintain free and unobstructed access to and from the business which displays it
  • Location must not block visibility of or access to any adjacent property.
  • Location must not block any required parking or loading spaces.

Put a Banner on It

Banners are attention grabbing because they are inherently temporary/new and can therefore make a big impact on attracting business so the permitting requirements were purposely waived for banners only. All permanent signs will continue to follow the requirements of the Town Code, including obtaining the required permits.

What does this mean if you want a new banner on your business?

  • The submittal of a sign permit application and payment of application fee is currently waived for banners.
  • The limitation on displaying a banner for no more than 26 weeks per calendar year has also been waived.
  • Banners are still subject to size and similar requirements in Section180-5.2.4 of the Town Code. Please contact Planning Staff at 970-668-5276 for additional information and guidance.