Town of Frisco Formally Joins Compact of Colorado Communities

The Town of Frisco passed a resolution requiring elected officials and city staff to participate in the Compact of Colorado Communities and adhere to its member requirements. The measure mandates participation in the Compact’s climate action planning and training activities.

“The Compact will help the Town to move forward on our efforts to address climate change, this shows that climate resilience and environmental sustainability are important values for our town,” stated Council member, Jessica Burley.

The Compact of Colorado Communities was established earlier this spring to be a powerful tool for advancing climate change education, action, and policymaking in local governments statewide. The Compact focuses upon building capacity in critical decision-making roles through collaborative learning activities enabling its members to rapidly scale up and advance climate action planning at the local level.

“We applaud the Town of Frisco’s decision to join the Compact of Colorado Communities,” said Daniel Kreeger, ACCO’s executive director and Compact co-founder. “Successful climate action will require communities to work together, substantially increase competencies throughout their workforces, and develop innovative solutions to an increasingly challenging set of circumstances.”

Colorado is already two degrees warmer than it was 30 years ago, and citizens and businesses throughout the state are already feeling the heat: reduced snowpack, more frequent fires, and devastating droughts threaten communities and livelihoods.

Founded by Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron in collaboration with the Association of Climate Change Officers, the Compact’s May 2017 launch event resulted in more than 30 Colorado cities and counties pledging to endorse joining the Compact to their elected leadership and governing bodies.

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