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Town of Frisco Black Lives Matter Mural

On Monday, July 13 in the early evening, a group of local, Colorado, and New Mexico artists began installing a mural on Main Street in front of Frisco Town Hall in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The mural has the full support of the Frisco Town Council, as it aligns with the Council’s current and reaffirmed priority to be an inclusive community. The Town of Frisco joins other cities across the nation, who have stepped forward to support the Black Lives Matter movement during this pivotal time in our country’s history.

Frisco’s mural will feature Frisco and Summit County volunteers and artists, as well as talented artists from around Colorado and New Mexico, including Native American artist, Gregg Deal, whose design for a part of the mural is inspired by the people of the Ute Indian Tribe, who historically resided in Summit County. Tentatively, Denver-based artist Aaron Sutton, Denver-based artist Johnny Draco, Albuquerque-based artist Jodie Herrera, Golden-based artist Pat Milbery, Silverthorne-based artist Kellie Rogers, Frisco-based artists Jaime and Patti Callahan, Frisco-based artist Piotr Olimpiusz Kopytek, Frisco-based student and artist Devon Galpin Clarke, and Frisco-based activist and artist Shannon Galpin are also planning to be involved in the creation of Frisco’s mural.

The Town of Frisco supports the installation of art in public spaces to reflect current culture, important moments in time, and encourage community conversation. The mural being installed on Frisco Main Street in front of Town Hall will provide artists with the opportunity to express sentiments reflective of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Its placement facing outward from Town Hall symbolizes that we are all in this together and that we support these efforts.

To ensure artists the time and space they need to complete the mural without interruption, the block of Main Street between Madison Avenue and First Avenue will be closed and will remain closed until the mural is complete.

Town Council Statement of Support

“We, the Frisco Town Council, together with the Town Manager, leadership team, and our Frisco Police Department, support equity for all. We acknowledge that local government is uniquely positioned to call attention to and assist in dismantling the systemic impacts of racism and inequity; therefore, inclusivity is a core value and goal of the Town of Frisco. We are committed to creating a positive, welcoming environment where every member of our community, including our guests, feels supported and at home.”