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Town of Frisco Passes Resolution Supporting Summit County’s Ballot Question 1A and the Statewide Transportation Bill

On Tuesday, September 25th the Frisco Town Council passed 3 resolutions, one in support of Summit County’s Ballot Question 1A another supporting the statewide transportation bill, Proposition 110, the “Let’s Go Colorado” initiative and a third resolution opposing Amendment 74.

Summit County’s ballot question 1A if passed would significantly affect the County’s ability to provide services to the community.  1A will positively impact the biggest issues that our county faces; wildfire mitigation, recycling programs, behavioral health and suicide prevention, early childhood education and repairs to public buildings.

Frisco Council supports the statewide transportation bill as a strong and effective transportation solution as the right answer to address years of neglect of our state’s transportation needs and to address the concerns we have heard from our local citizens.

Council passed a resolution opposing Amendment 74 due to the negative impacts it will have on the State of Colorado. This amendment proposes to require governments to compensate property owners for diminution in fair market value for government action and the Council feels that this would drastically limit state and local government services at a high cost to taxpayers.

Resolution Supporting Summit County’s Ballot 1A

Resolution supporting Let’s Go Colorado Transportation Bill

Resolution Opposing Amendment 74