Town News

Walter Byron Park Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting Details

The Town of Frisco will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 21 at 12:30 pm at Walter Byron Park to commemorate the completion of the park’s new restroom facility and playground. Parking is limited so attendees are asked to walk or bike to the ribbon cutting. Also, attendees should bring face coverings and practice physical distancing.

New Playground

The new play system is designed with the goal of becoming a PlayCore National Demonstration Site, with features that encourage six research-based elements of play (balancing, brachiating, climbing, spinning, sliding, and swinging) that have been shown to promote physical activity and fitness in children. PlayCore is the research partner of the new play equipment’s manufacturing company, GameTime, their joint mission is to build communities through recreation.

New Restrooms

The new restroom building is designed and constructed to remain open year-round in order to serve those using the park and the recreation path which runs along Ten Mile Creek.

Parks Master Plan and Town Council Priorities

Outdoor recreation is at the heart of why most folks live in Frisco, and our park spaces provide wonderful accessible spaces within biking and walking distance for our residents to pursue their own flavor of fun whether it be skating at Meadow Creek or playing tennis at Pioneer Park,” stated Mayor Pro Tem Jessie Burley. “I’m so pleased that Walter Byron is the first park in the master plan to get some much deserved attention, and I know there will be some very happy Frisco kids when they get a chance to play on this new playground.

On October 8, 2019, Town Council approved a resolution adopting the Neighborhood Parks Master Plan, a conceptual master plan outlining community priorities for park improvements at four neighborhood parks: Walter Byron, Meadow Creek, Pioneer, and Old Town Hall. As an outcome of the planning process, Town Council prioritized the restroom and playground replacement at Walter Byron Park. Vibrant Recreation is one of Town Council’s strategic priorities as outlined in the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan; this includes prioritizing and implementing park improvements in conjunction with the approved Neighborhood Parks Master Plan.

Town Council allocated $750,000 for these improvements in the 2020 budget. Town of Frisco staff also applied for and received a grant from Colorado Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) to help offset the cost of new playground equipment. The grant is for $90,000 in matching funds from the 2020 CPRA Statewide Training and Funding Initiative.

Our parks are exceptional places where our community recreates and connects so Council has made their improvement and maintenance a priority,” says Council Member Melissa Sherburne. “During our ‘parkside’ meetings in 2019, the community expressed their passion for these spaces and identified Walter Byron as a place where improvements would be especially meaningful to the community and our children so we started there. All of our parks will see more attention and improvements in the next few years, but this is an exciting first step.”

More information about the parks master plan may be found under Departments – Recreation and Culture – Parks Master Plan.