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New Visual Tool for COVID-19 Response

About the New Dial

The State of Colorado’s new COVID-19 response framework went into effect on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. This framework uses a visual dial with five levels to guide each county in their response plan, based on which level the county sits on the dial.

Counties move back and forth between levels, depending on three metrics:

  • Number of new cases
  • Percent positivity of COVID tests
  • Impact on hospitals/local considerations

As the dial moves left, toward Protect Our Neighbors, more people can participate in various activities. Currently, the State placed Summit County in Level 2, and counties are able to apply to move up a level every two weeks as metrics and case data changes.

The goal of each level is to reach a balance between enabling economic and social activity while ensuring that testing, contact tracing, and health care systems are able to contain the virus.

This tool is intended to add simplicity and predictability, and to account for local factors and needs, when implementing reopening measures and restrictions in response to COVID-19.

What the Levels Mean

Protect Our Neighbors:

  • County is able to exercise local control over reopening, provided they initially stay under 50% capacity or 500 people, whichever is fewer.
  • Over time, if a county consistently maintains compliance with the required metrics, they can increase that capacity threshold by 5% a month, until restoring full capacity.
  • The certification process for the phase remains the same. Learn more about that process here.

Safer at Home Level 1 (Cautious/Blue):

  • For counties that have low virus transmission, but have not yet achieved Protect Our Neighbors.
  • Fewer restrictions than Level 2.

 Safer at Home Level 2 (Concern/ Yellow):

  • This the baseline that encompasses the Safer at Home capacities already in place for the past several months.
  • Summit County is currently on this level

Safer at Home Level 3 (High Risk/Orange):

  • More restrictions tan Level 2
  • For counties that are seeing increases in the metrics and need to take action
  • May not need to go into Stay at Home yet

Stay at Home:

  • All but essential businesses close


For details on the capacities and restrictions for Safer at Home, Level 2 (Summit County), and the other levels, click below.

Full CDPHE Dial Explanation