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SunShare Summit County Referral Program- Extended through December 15

SunShare Community Solar, in partnership with Summit County Government and High Country Conservation Center, is offering a promotion for Xcel Energy customers who live in Summit County, now through December 15, 2020, based on availability.

Each resident who subscribes will receive a $100 or $200 gift card redeemable at local Summit County Businesses. Sign up for:

  • Perennial Plan (20-year agreement) –Receive a $200 gift card
  • Annual Plan (1-year agreement) –Receive a $100 gift card

What is SunShare?

SunShare is a solar energy offset subscription program. Here’s how it works:

  • SunShare builds huge solar gardens with thousands of panels
  • You subscribe to a small percentage of the solar energy the garden produces, which offsets your home electricity with clean, solar energy
  • You pay SunShare to produce solar energy on your behalf –and in return, Xcel Energy pays you for that energy
  • Xcel Energy pays you in bill credits per kWh produced, so by subscribing you’re reducing the amount you’re paying them every month and instead putting that money toward saving the earth!
  • SunShare charges half a penny ($0.005) more per kWh more than the Xcel bill credit, which amounts to only$3 to $5 per month for the average subscriber, and you get a gift card!

Why Subscribe?

This is a great way to invest in renewable energy without the installation, maintenance, insurance, and replacement costs of solar panels. Subscribers can help Summit County meet its aggressive Climate Action Plan targets, and reinvest money into HC3 to support continued climate action. The annual offset per customer is similar to taking one car off the road!

How to sign up

With no home appointments needed, subscribing is easy and only takes five minutes. Subscriptions are available to both homeowners and renters, and have flexible agreement terms – if you move within Xcel territory you can take your subscription with you. If you move out of Xcel Energy territory, your subscription is canceled with no further obligation.

  • Subscribe online at
    • Residents select the plan that best fits their needs
    • At final confirmation page, residents enter promo code FRISCOFRIEND
    • Residents receive gift card once assigned to a live garden (estimated January 2020)
  • Or – schedule an appointment with one of our Community Solar Consultants, and mention promo code: FRISCOFRIEND
  • Or – email for more information or to schedule an appointment, and mention promo code: FRISCOFRIEND

Other benefits to signing up

  • For each new subscription using the FRISCOFRIEND promo code, SunShare will make a $50 donation to High Country Conservation Center!
  • Special friends & family referral bonus covers first 3-4 years of subscription
  • Supports a Colorado community-centric company – One of the most experienced residential community solar providers in the country, SunShare is a Colorado company that owns their gardens, unlike most other developers.


See the flyer:

Sunshare Extended